Tuesday, May 20, 2008


.... since my last post? Wow I'm officially the crappiest blogger in blogland LOL. In my defense - I have had more than my fair share of stuff going on in the last month. So I'm just going to use that as my excuse and get down to business...

1) SCHOOL SITUATION: Has been resolved in a manner that is favorable to us. Basically had a sit-down meeting with the Principal.... the first half of the meeting was negative and seemed to be going no where fast. The second half did a drastic 180 in which we were told that all the kids could attend the school. It eluded me to the point I didn't quite understand what had even happened. Jarrett had to actually interrupt my continual bantering to say "we are very happy" - to which I immediately shut my mouth. So that is over and done with! I must admit - a little shocked it worked out. Jarrett concedes that he always knew it would. I'm just going to say I'm happy it's over. I can sleep again (which is good - I need to sleep otherwise I'm a total crab-ass).

2) BUSINESS I'm in the midst of completing my first project... which I am very happy with and am having tons of fun! It's a little girl room, and I basically have full discretion to do whatever I please. One would think this is a good thing... it's double-edged because I have to now meet my own insane standards which is quite possibly worse than anyone else's when it comes to sheer pickiness. I hope to be done by the end of May. I will post before/after pictures.

3) RING: Did I mention in the midst of the school explosion that my husband gave me our 10 year anniversary gift a little early? He gave me a 3.75 total weight diamond ring!! The middle stone is about 1.5 carats, accented with two side stones and pave about 3/4 of the way around the band. I'm in love with it!!! He decided either give it to me now, or let it sit in the safety deposit box. He opted for the first... and I'm most happy he did! Our actual anniversary is October. Can I say this man just is the most amazing husband?

(These pictures were added for Schmitty who wants to give her husband a hint. Dear Schmitty's Husband.... hint hint hint!!!)

4) SOCIAL EVENT: I also went to my brother's engagement party for a "just me" week-end. Me: no kids, no husband. Actually it was Jarrett who decided I needed to go to "represent" us. It was nice (except I got a nasty cold just before) - and I had the best time! I went with my friend from high school and, according to my mother, it was like high school all over again. I'm not much for drinking but I did my best to pretend I was seasoned at it during this party. By the end, my friend crashed with me at my parents house and we did shots with my mom in the bar until 3am. Needless to say I had a hang-over. However, I am told that we were a ton of fun! I also got to rub my sister's pregnant belly multiple times. Aunty loves her baby bellies!

5) VISITING: I'm so happy that our great friends from Grand Forks (C & S) are coming to visit us in a month!!!!!! It was such a surprise that "S" had a conference here in Calgary! I'm totally stoked since we don't get to see them very often (unless one of us is popping out a baby and are hosting a Christening). I can't wait to see them and I know we are going to have an awesome time!!!!!!!!!!

6) LOUIS VUITTON: Anyone that has read this blog since the beginning knows of my unnatural infatuation with Louis Vuitton. It's a sickness really. However, a friend of mine just came back from Paris and bestowed upon me a LV wallet! I just about dropped over when she gave me the little brown box. For those of you that don't "get" this that's okay. My own husband doesn't get it, but says the sheer bliss on my face is priceless. That and he accidentally almost spilled syrup on my LV purse at the Mother's Day brunch and almost had a panic attack. He must have feared for his life. Rightfully so! LOL.

7) FAMILY GET-AWAY: Jarrett's company decided he works too hard (they are right), and that he needed to have a family get-away (right again). Therefore they decided to send us on a week-end together, all expenses paid! We decided on West Edmonton Mall. Those of you not familiar, it is the biggest mall in North America (bigger than Mall of America). It has an amazing indoor waterpark that has this massive wave pool, and amusement park! We had a BLAST! The girls had a blast!! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!!! Here I am with water up my nose, trying to keep my kid's head from being bombarded by a wave, and I'm giggling like a dope!!! I practially lost my bathing suit top from the sheer force of simulated rip tides - I'm laughing like a hyena. Honestly it was wonderful!!!

So that's my month in a nutshell. I realize it's much to absorb. Sorry that I'm been basically a shit about keeping up with this blog (and keeping up with all of you). I guess life has a way of keeping you so preoccupied, you don't know whether you are coming or going. I guess as long as you are smiling in spite of the confusion - it isn't too bad!