Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well it is official - my baby brother is getting married!! Very exciting news around our neck of the woods. Rob and Erin have been dating for 3 years... so it was inevitable that they would make it official. Secretly, I've known that the ring was in the works for a while now. Just was waiting to get the call.

Erin is a wonderful girl! She has definately made a lot of positive changes in Rob. I think they are a super cute couple too!!! Plus Erin is great with kids. They aren't getting married until late summer of 2008, but that's ok because they are graduating university that spring. See - they are in love and practical at the same time! Believe me, getting married mid-semester is stressful (lol). Our whole family is delighted to have her join our family.

Congratulations Rob and Erin!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I'm sure you can see it better than I can if you do. After all the trouble of going out into the freezing elements yesterday... I get a call from my optomitrist's office that they gave me the wrong contacts. Sheesh people. I think the receptionist must not have been wearing her glasses when she was digging around trying to find them. Thank God I didn't open them up yet - although I don't think it would've been my fault if I had. I was wondering why they weren't Acuvue Hydraclears though. Figured my eye doctor decided not to give me those ones after all. Hopefully whoever got mine didn't shove them into their eyes. EW EW EW. LOL well it's not like I'd actually get those anyways.

So now I have to go back today... and it's cold again... to bring back the ones that don't belong to me and get the ones I'm supposed to have. Can I just say very inconvenient??? Plus this time I have all 3 kids with me. I swear this month is the month that keeps on giving.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Holy Christmas cookies people!!!! I've lived in some cold places in my time: Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, Minnesota..... and Calgary isn't any damn better!!! Today is a lovely -27 out (not including the windchill). Yes that is a picture of my front yard. And yes we didn't shovel the driveway that long ago. It is FRIGID!

And most normal people wouldn't venture out into that blustery, wasteland. They'd stay home in their fuzzy chenille socks, drinking hot cocoa with their Christmas sweaters on nice and toasty in their houses. Me? No - I'm insane apparently because I actually went out today. Did I mention they don't plow the sub-divisions in Calgary? No siree Bob! But I had a dental appointment I couldn't re-schedule and had to pick up my contacts. So I left Karis with a friend; the twins went to school and off went Mommy!! I'm glad I was wearing glasses because I think they would've permanently froze to my eyeballs. I think my esophagus is frozen solid too.

After getting my appointments over and done with, I figured I'm out anyways, might as hit London Drug and Wal-Mart to pick up a few Christmas goodies for the kids and nieces and nephews. Great deals... and the only cost was some frost bite. I also bought a new winter coat. Last years is too big and drafts were blowing up the bottom. LOL I know sounds funny huh? I got me a nice goose down filled parked with fur trimmed collar - shoved my old jacket into the bag and proceeded to shop. Also picked up some Vichy face products to combat the dry, winter skin I'm getting. It's bad enough it's cold here, but it's also extremely arid. I think my face is falling off in chunks. I won't even start about my cracking heels of my feet! I parked in the pg woman/mom's with small children spot at Wal-Mart. I'm horrible. I didnt' have my kids with me either. I figured I have 3 carseats in a mini van. Screw this I'm entitled to park there! I did my uterine time! Besides who the hell is going to park 10 miles away from the store? At least I have kids. I've seen old men park in those spaces (amazing how trying to rationalize doesn't make me feel better about it).

Anyways, even though I knew that living in Indiana for a few years spoiled me... I have to say I really hate winter. There is NOTHING I like about it. Hubby is in Houston right now on business. He may just send for me and the kids - we'll abandon our house and some nice people can squat in it. We could trade our toques in for cow boy hats (well Calgary is big time cow country but I don't remember seeing any winter woolen cowboy hats here). Sorry to you folks in Eastern Canada, but we are sending this weather packing your way! ENJOY!

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Talk about putting a twist onto Christmas!! Well at Wal-Mart, I couldn't help myself but to go to the very back where they have all their Christmas decorations. I'm addicted to Christmas you know. I love the ornaments, the carols, the trees.... everything. So when I spied the inflatable lawn globe there, I had to have it. Besides, Kierra really liked it too.

So I buy it, and on a cold and blustery Canadian afternoon, the family goes outside to assemble it. It was awesome... it had a tree with santa and two reindeer which actually turned around inside the globe. Took us forever to teather the sucker down... you get some of those Calgary winds and man! So finally we get it secured and are pretty happy with it. Girls are totally excited and dancing around it. Later that same evening, I get a knock at my door. It's my neighbor telling me that I have a pretty macabre lawn ornament. Of course wouldn't you know that one of the reindeer is twisted around the tree and looks like Santa is trying to squeeze the life out of him. So I go out and try to fix it. Nope... Santa is hell bent on killing Rudolph. Jarrett tried to fix it and we both figure it's useless... this thing is majorly screwed up. Our poor kids are devastated that we took it down and shoved it back into the box to take back. I swear I have the worst luck with these things. In Michigan, two weeks we had one until some snotnose teenager slashed it with a box cutter (they caught them and charged them... never did get my money back). And now this - contorted reindeer extravaganza. Sheesh. I guess I should just stick to what I know.... garland strew around my house, and tiny ceramic villages on the mantle.

Guess we know who isn't the most famous reindeer of all in this house.

All I Want For Christmas

Saturday, November 18, 2006


I honestly never thought it would be a problem finding the Dora the Explorer Talking House. This is something Kierra really likes!! Every time we've gone to Wal-Mart, she sits on the floor and looks at the box. You can tell how much she longs for it, even if she never speaks a word. So for Christmas, I thought EXCELLENT I know what I'm buying this kid! Go to Wal-Mart - they have none. I'm told they have the new Dora castle. NO NO NO NO! Go to Toys R Us... they have ONE! That's it, just one. They also tell me they have the Dora Castle - NO NO NO NO! The box looks a little beaten up, and its' been retaped up. Me and Jarrett mull it over... she really wants this house. So finally we say ok, let's get her the house.

Did you know this house only comes with mommy, papi, and Dora, and one couch? The rest of the furniture is in packs, and comes seperately? Each pack costs approximately $15.00 and there is about 5 different ones. WHY do they do this? You pay $80.00 for a talking house, dont' you think it should come furnished? Jarrett says, "Hey it's no different that housing in Calgary." What a smartass I married huh? Well my mom bought Kierra the living room set, and my good friend Alana said she'll buy some of the other accessories for it too. I just know the moment Kierra sees this, she's going to be so happy.

Jenna got her beloved My Little Pony dream castle. Karis walked up and found the Littliest Pet Shop tree house. She loves those little bobble-headed animals. So when she saw the treehouse, she tried to pick up the box and carry it out of the store. So that was easy; she loved it. We got her that. Good thing about little kids, they forget fast even if you buy it in front of them (Don't worry it's not a Santa gift!). I think I'm done with the kids for Xmas now. I got them the Santa gift, and the mommy and daddy gift. We spent a lot on them so far... and even though I feel kinda cheap, I think that is enough for this year. We are spending so much money on flight tickets, dog boarding, airport parking, and car rental. Besides that, they'll get spoiled from everyone else. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... because my bank account is dwindling.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


It would make things so much easier if Santa was actually someone we could depend on to bring presents. Rather than get mulled in Toys R Us for frantic mom's trying to find TMX Elmo or whatever else is a hot commodity - you just email Santa your list and there it is Xmas day!!!

Tomorrow marks the begining of my serious hunt for Xmas gifts for the girls. Jenna reminds me DAILY what she wants. I know what Kierra wants (she stares at it in the store every time we are there). Karis I'm still working on. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to scope out prices. They didn't have the Dora Talking House anymore! WTF? I NEED the talking house. They had a castle instead. No castle - house! So now I have to haul to the mall, look for parking forever, go in, and stand at the cash register for eternity - that is IF they have it. I'm killing the spirit of Christmas I can feel it LOL.

I'm always grumpy knowing I'm going to the folks for Christmas. It's not that I don't like seeing everyone. It's the inconvenience of it all. The girls are shuffled around here and there, they don't have their stuff, the beds aren't what anyone is used to sleeping on. We have no vehcile, unless we rent one and pay out of the butt. Have to pay to board the dog. Honestly, it is so bloody expensive to go home for Christmas. Then there is the whole issue of flying there. It's a 2 hour flight but man, that can be a LONG two hours!!! I hate flying in the winter especially. Plus, we have to check 3 carseats, and on the way home, hope everyone listened not to buy big things so we can actually haul it all home.

Thank goodness we are hosting next year to my family here. I don't know, I may be eatting those words this time next year but for now, I'll just try to stop being a grinch and enjoy the holiday. At least I get to snarf down a lot of Ferraro Roches with just cause - hey it's Christmas.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


OMG - A good friend posted this on another site and I HAD to share it here. I just bust my gutts laughing at it. It's a good thing to laugh - especially if you have been having a crappy time of things lately. And remember - no matter how shitty you think you have it, you could be Sadam Hussien LMAO! Actually, everything he has coming to him is well-deserved. Wouldn't it be funny though to turn on CNN and see him riding on a tri-cycle in a mad getaway?

So the purse came (enter kettle drums for emphasis). It came last night, at 8:30 pm (yes in the evening!). I get a ring on the doorbell and cautiously open it wondering who it is. It's dark here in the West, so it was hard to see. Low and behold - it is the mail carrier with my package!! I just about fainted. I thought she was a mirage from my frustration-induced dementia. By the way, do any of you think it's odd to get mail so late at night? Apparently not! The guy at the mail depot said most of our mail for our subdivision comes up to 9:00 pm. So finally I had it in my hands. Opened it up... and I can't tell if it's real or not LMAO. I "think" it's not though, only because of the lining inside of it. That and the card is missing. I can take it to Holt Renfrew's Louis Vuitton counter for further scrutiny. I must say, if it is a knock-off; they really did their homework! Spectacular! I still love it though and took it for a test-drive today. Fits wonderfully in the crook of my arm. My mom says who cares if it's real- carry it because you love it. That and it can be my run-about purse. You know, you don't care so much it anything happens to it, and when Jarrett buys me a better one, I can save it for special occassions. HMMMMMM 2 of them?

So anyways, for now I'm happy. Whether or not I continue to be happy remains to be seen. But for now, I'm in a great mood (in spite of catching my thumb in the slidebolt and receiving two huge blisters that would be fit for a vampire's feeding). So sit back, laugh today and remember - if you aren't hitting the desert on a two-wheeled trike - life ain't too bad.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Possible Things that Happened to my Louis Vuitton Purse:

1) A Gremlin hi-jacked the mail truck; and it crashed in a blazing inferno
2) The purse met a hot Coach bag and they ran off to Mexico together
3) It crumbled into a dust pile, because it took so long to deliver; and blew off into the wind. It will inevitably provide nourishment to the plantlife here.
4) My mail carrier is a cleptomaniac who stole it, and is living the high life in Vegas, with bags of unforwarded mail in the trunk of her car.
5) The people at the Post Office have a bet to see how long they can make one of their recipients go "postal." Someone is about to win.
6) Someone at Gucci, or possibly Fendi, have a voo-doo doll of me, trying to stop my purchase of this purse so I'll buy their over-priced product instead.

It seems every day involves me trying to figure out what the heck is going on. You call Canada Post, they tell you to contact the sender. You talk to the Post Office, they tell you to call the Mail Depot for your area. You call the Mail Depot, they don't answer the phone - but rather leave an annoying message to contact Canada Post's 1-800 number. You try to contact PayPal, they say take it up with the seller for a 20 day period (the seller which refuses to reply to you). Visa tells you to take it up with PayPal and EBay. SO you can understand why I might be a little cranky.

So today's episode of Purse Quest 2006 involves me going to the Post Office and explaining personally what the issue is. They look it up on their computer and low and behold... they have no clue. I told them I'm having issues with our mail carrier. The woman there suggests I call the mail depot that would have received the package when it was sorted for our area. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH but they only work to 3pm and they don't answer the phone there!! Do I have to physically get in my van, drive there, and talk to them too? I'm so bloody sick of this. I just can't understand how a package can get from China to Canada with no issues whatsoever...clears Immigration...comes to Alberta... goes to my local Mail Depot all without problems, and in record time... but for some reason can't make it to my front door????????????????

Think if I called up NBC and pitched this as a CSI storyline they'd pick it up? I mean they could have a murder involved to make it more sensible. They could re-hire Kevin Federline to hi-jack the mail truck or something. LOL he probably needs the work since his wife gave him the boots. LOL or he could work for Fed-X. The irony is wonderful. In any case, I am sure the plot thickens on this one.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Think the missing 9% is because I lived in the States for 8 years? LMAO.

You are 91% Canuck!

You rock, you are an almighty Canadian through and through. You have proven your worthiness and have won the elite prize of living in a country as awesome as Canada. Yes I know other countries think they are better, but we let them have that cuz we know better than they do, eh?

How Canadian Are You?
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Can I get a collective, hugely annoyed sigh please? That's it - exhale in a pissy attitude. Don't hold back. Seriously I don't think I could be more annoyed with this entire situation than I am right now.

SO, here is another antedote about this stupid purse. How many of you check to read this simply because you can't wait to see how it all ends? Harumph. Anyways, repeated emails on the PayPal forum to the seller have been ignored (not that I'm surprised since this person has the scrupples of a garden snail). I've called Canada Post TWICE today. Both times they were useless. Kept telling me the item was out for delivery last Thursday the 9th, and that I MUST NOT have been home so the package went back to the post office. First off, I was home all day Thursday AND Friday so no dice on that one. They argued with me about that. Hey I think I know my whereabouts people! I didn't have a card or sticky in my mailbox or on my front door saying they were even here. So finally I called over to our local post office. The woman there told me that they didn't have a package for me there either. So obviously this mailperson still has it for some strange reason. Not sure why. The PO woman said they've had nothing but trouble with one of our mail carriers in specific area(gee, I wonder if she's MY mail carrier?). Last Friday, we didn't get our mail until WELL after 6PM. What the fuck is that about? I suggested to the PO woman that perhaps she just didn't feel like dropping it off - and to be honest, she didn't seem surprised that I would suggest it. I'm almost half-wondering if this carrier didn't open my package and keep the purse for herself? You never know I guess.

Anyways, since it was Remembrance Day over the week-end, we have no mail pick-up or drop-off today. The friendly lady at the PO told me that if this item was attempted to be delivered, it would come to them by tomorrow for sure. So I can call tomorrow afternoon and see if they have it there. She said she can't help me more than that since once it leaves the main sorting building, it's in the hands of the carriers. I would like to wait at my mailbox tomorrow for this bitch, and ask her where my package is. I find it hard to believe that since last Wednesday, no one has a clue as to where it is. Everyone seems to agree that the carrier has it. This is so ridiculous - but fitting. Everything about this; from the moment I got an EBay account has been completely mental!

So if you find out later on that I've been committed to the local mental hospital and repeatedly chant "Louis Vuitton" or "Canada Post bites," don't be shocked. Wondering if they make straight jackets up in France with the LV logo.........

Just a thought.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


As some of you may already know, we have some problems going on with our 7 1/2 year old chocolate lab named Roper. Lately, he's just been having some health issues. Started out as his arthritis, and hip dysplasia (which is common in lab breeds). Lately he has been doing some things that warranted us taking him to the vet.

So, upon seeing the vet, we were told that both of Roper's back knees are shot. He has 5 lumps on his torso that the vet speculates are fatty deposits. He has enzymes in his liver, which means that there is probably something going on with that. He did have an abnormal thyroid level, but upon rechecking that, it seems stable. Herein lies the problems....

The knee surgery is about $2,000.00 per knee. We can't do both at one time and the recovery is about 1-3 months long and quite painful. Also, we have to spend a lot of money now on testing him for other ailments. The primary problems with the enzymes in his liver can range from anything from Hepatisis, an inflamatory disease in his liver, or the dreaded "C" word. There are also about 100 secondary issues that could be causing it. We are not sure what we need to do with him. We don't want to spend thousands on his knees if he might have cancer. We basically have to do another panel on his blood in 4-6 weeks to see what's going on. It's so hard. A lot of people will spend as much as they have to for their dog. It's not that it's so much about the money... it's about the quality of life he might have. If he has something wrong with his liver; we have to seriously think about how much we want him to suffer. The plan is to talk to the vet together later on in the week. We want to go through what all the options are and what we need to do. I can't imagine not having him around. Jarrett bought him for me our first Valentine's Day as a married couple. He's been there through a lot. He was my fuzzy friend that helped me through my infertility struggles with lots of big slobber kisses. He was there through my pregnancies, lying in bed eatting cheese when I was expecting the twins. He's been there bringing 3 babies home, giving each one big lick on the top of the head and a good thorough sniff in accepting them to our family. He's been a great furry friend. This sucks.

Friday, November 10, 2006


So as of this afternoon, I'm told that the purse is in Calgary. It was shipped out on Nov 2nd and arrived in Canada the other day. Why it never showed up on tracking remains a mystery. However TODAY it's on Canada Post's website. Ain't technology grand? It's out for delivery today actually, so I guess I'll be seeing it before the week-end is over.

So here I lie in wait for this thing... I half expect it to be a fake. I will NOT be amused if this is the case. If someone tells you something is legit, you believe them. Me especially because apparently I'm a gullable person. But I'm also a supreme bitch when someone crosses me. Bitch overrules gullable in my case. So I have all the info I need down pact: where tags should be, how it arrives, to the type of stitch used (5 hand-stitch per side ). I'm obsessive now - not because I want a LV purse so much, but because I don't like the idea of someone trying to pull a fast one on me. Is it still possible to hunt down Jessica and steal hers? Just a thought. I'll update when the eagle has landed

Sick of hearing about this purse? Think of how I must feel! Boy Jessica Simpson sure looks like she's enjoying her Manhatten GM - that bitch! If I saw her on the street carrying it, I'd sucker punch her and steal it. Does that sound mean? I mean the girl has about 100 other LV purses - she can just go into her closet and dust off another one. Besides, she's probably just carrying around hair extensions in that thing... getting it all hairy and nasty. I'd be saving it really from a fate of fake-ass hair and empty cans of Chicken of the Sea.

So here's the deal - I've TRIED communicating with the seller to no avail. This whole civil dispute thing through PayPal is bogus. All I'm getting is "this item has been sent" and a tracking number. Problem? YES. I have no idea where I'm tracking from. At first I thought USPS, seeing the seller lives in Tennessee. Called the Postal Service in the States. Not in their system but they tell me the last two letters CN stands for China. Here I thought it meant Canada (honest mistake). So the purse is coming from China. Ok why exactly? So obviously I'm either tracking this thing from China or on Canada Post. I go to the China main site for mail, and have to download a translation program so I can understand what the hell is on there. No record of that tracking number. I try Canada Post, same thing. So you know what? I think this is just a way of trying to delay my dispute claim. Sorry xinchun or whatever your name is... not going to work buddy. Of course a little part of me hopes it's the real purse and I can go on with my disturbing life that resolves around such trivial things. LOL honestly no I am really not this simple-minded and obsessive. I just hate being screwed with.

So I'll continue to track down this mystery shipment and file my claim with the good folks at PayPal. Please stay tuned to this program to follow the epic conclusion of "Where in the World is My Louis Vuitton Purse?"

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Some of you may already know that recently my husband told me he would buy me this Louis Vuitton handbag for Christmas. We did the retail thing, decided maybe we could get it cheaper on EBay and did a search. Low and behold, there it was!! Authentic LV Manhatten GM handbag. I'm in love with this purse can I just tell you? Yes that's a picture of it right there. If I could reach out and stroke it I would. I have a problem with purses - I'm addicted to them severely. Some people like shoes, other people love jewelry, some people like drugs (LOL that was a joke - kinda), but for me, my addiction is a beautiful handbag. And for me, this one is the mother of all handbags. It's "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" treasure sitting in a cave somewhere surrounded by 1000 booby traps. I think you get the point here - me love purse.

Long story short, we did the "Buy Now" feature, won the purse and I was in my total glory. Happy LV dance in the office right then and there. THEN I get an email from EBay saying that there was a problem, and the bid was cancelled because an unauthorized 3rd party accessed the sellers's account. Only problem? PayPal already sent the money to the seller!! Stop happy LV dance. Now I'm a reasonable person, but I don't like it when people screw me over. Did I mention Visa cancelled our credit card linked to PayPal? Part of fraud protection program. What a huge PITA. So after going through the ardious process of filing a dispute claim with PayPal for FULL reimbursement, I get an email from PayPal stating that the seller sent the purse on November 8th and gave me a tracking number. I'm confused you see - first I was told my bid was nulled and voided due to fraudulant action on the seller's account. As far as I knew, I wasn't getting this purse. NOW they are saying I'm getting it? Excuse me for being highly suspicious of this whole thing. Everything up to this point has been fishy, and now I'm supposed to believe it was a simple misunderstanding and they are rectifying the situation? One would think I would be estatic because the Manhatten GM is on route... or so they say. I'll believe it when I see it people. I half expect a knock-off to show up at my door and that won't be a pretty situation let me tell you. I don't fake it; and I won't accept people faking it with me.

Most people would call me crazy for even wanting this purse. They are entitled to their thoughts; I rarely care what other people think of me. Unless they have held this purse in their hands at the actual store, wishing to tuck it under their arm and run away with it in a mad glorious dash - they could never appreciate my obsession. So I lie in wait to see what happens. Will the real deal show up at my doorstep and I can resume happy LV dance? Will nothing show up and I have to live vicariously at Louis Vuitton, smudging the glass counters until the salespeople tell me to go home? Or do I just look really sad and get my husband to buy it retail, as he has an anneursym signing the credit card receipt? Time will tell.


The other day I was sitting in the doctor’s office for what seemed like a million years (I think it’s in the Hippocratic oath to make your patient wait at least 45 min’s past their appointment time). I could get into a whole other story on that medical appointment alone; but I’ll spare the details since none of it was monumental. Anyways, a middle-aged woman comes in with her daughter, who looked to be about 11 or 12 years old. From the moment she walked in, I could tell she wasn’t a typical child. It wasn’t something you could easily define; you could just tell that she had a disability. Being a parent of a disabled child, I feel drawn to other parents and their children. It’s like an unspoken connection. But I also know how it feels for people to stare, so I kept to myself. Then I heard the mother softly tell the receptionist that her daughter was autistic. All my common sense knowing that I shouldn’t stare went out of the window right then and there.
I have had the opportunity to see many autistic children in the past few years. Most of them have been pre-school age, and most of them boys. However, I have never met an autistic girl that was pre-teen or older. Mostly because it’s rarer in girls; and also I haven’t had much exposure to older children or even adults with autism. I’ve always been the minority parent in that aspect. All the other autism mom’s have sons.... and most schools or programs get really excited when a girl is added to the mix (as weird as that may sound). To them, a girl is a trophy they don’t get very often. At this age, being a parent of a girl or boy with autism is kind of irrelevant really. They are all just little kids with their own little quirks. Most of the time, we just talk about diagnoses, therapy and all the rimaramole associated with it.
It has been two years since Kierra was diagnosed with autism. It’s something I’ve grappled with for a long time, but I’ve come to terms with it and have, for the most part, accepted it. But seeing that girl gave me a window into the future. It was almost uncanny really. She was tall and had pretty blonde hair - just like Kierra. It was like at that moment I could identify all those autistic characteristics and see them plain as day. Just her inability to attend to the situation reminded me of what we work daily in therapy on with Kierra. Of course I had Karis with me, since the twins were at school, and she was wandering about the office. There is a huge aquarium and Karis wanted me to show her the fish. As we stood there, the girl came over to the tank to see the fish as well. Karis kept telling her about the fish in her squeaky voice. I think the mother wasn’t sure; and so she came too and stood there awkwardly. Neither one of us looked at one another. Just kind of both stood there absently as our children looked at the fish. Part of me wanted to tell her it was fine, I understood. But I couldn’t stop stealing looks at this girl, who watched the fish and then just looked at me and gave me this huge, shy smile.
After a while, they were called into their appointment, I was sitting there with Karis. I kept thinking of the mother and how emotionally drained she looked. I wonder if that’s how I look to other people. I wonder what her experiences these past years with her daughter have been like for her. I wonder where my journey with Kierra will take me. I mostly thought about the biggest realization I’ve had about Kierra since we was diagnosed. It was the realization that no matter what we do, no matter how hard we work... I can never take autism out of Kierra. I can’t cure her. I can only do the best I can as her mother and hope it’s enough. I guess any parent would say that about any child. But I wonder if there will ever come a time when it all comes to a head, and we’ve done all we can and have to let her use what she’s learned. Thinking like that makes me feel useless and somewhat stupid. Like I’m wallowing in self-pity about something I can’t control. When I could feel that burn of tears in my eyes, I knew that maybe I’m not as "over" what’s happened to our daughter as I thought I was. I think it’s a lot about fear: the uncertainty of her future. I love my daughter forever and a day. She is part of my being that completes me. I can only wonder if in 10 years, I’ll be somewhere with her and there is going to be another mother of autism, who is crying inside too.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


So Britney Spears finally files from divorce from K-Fed? I'm sorry but why do we exactly care? Especially in a world filled with so much more news-worthy topics? Sadam getting the death sentence... now THAT'S newsworthy! I would love to be front row and center for that one! Hell, I'd sell hotdogs at an event like that! But really, isn't it sad the way we are so absorbed in the entertainment culture? As a friend of mine pointed out, there are much more attention-worthy topics in the world For instance, medical breakthroughs and the work being done on the fight against SIDS. Yet here we are, in our crazy little world - worrying about celebrities marriages falling apart. While I'll have to admit, I was a little surprised about Reese Witherspoon and what-his-face splitting up; the whole Britney/Kevin divorce isn't exactly something shocking. Wasn't Vegas taking bets on this one?

You know what's REALLY the sad thing? Is that society is so much more interested in what's going on with celebrities than they are about their own community. I mean I understand what sells in the media: sex, corruption, and anything else that is inherently evil. Do we care so much about things that REALLY affect our day-to-day lives? Sometimes I think we just don't WANT to know the truth about the real goings on. Isn't it much less stressful to consume ourselves with these overpaid people, who we'll never meet, and talk about how their lives have gone down the crapper? I think we all secretly are happy when we see these celebrities crash and burn. So rather than worry about lack of funding for schools, hospitals, and police department... we can sit back and read about Paris Hilton yet again getting into another car accident or Ashlee Simpson wanting another beak-job. Pretty weird where our priorities lie huh?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I have been on the search for the elusive cordless phone from the office for almost a week. Before, we had one phone in this entire house; which is nuts because it's over 4000 square feet.
So finally, we jumped into the 21st century and bought a set of 4 that has one main receiver and then the satelite phones. Really nice since you just plug them in and they don't need a phone jack. Well, about a week ago I couldn't find the office one ANYWHERE!! I looked and looked. Whenever the phone rang I could hear it but couldn't figure out where it was exactly. It was driving me nuts. One would think that you would have a track-down feature on there; you know you push the button on the receiver and the phone screams at you until you find it. Well this one didn't have one. I asked all three girls if they knew where it was but of course no one did.

This morning, Jarrett was going to work and he could hear this beeping. He had no clue what it was but it was driving him nuts so he's trying to find where it is coming from. Low and behold he locates the beeping: it's the missing phone shoved into the kids' play kitchen cupboard! It was doing the low battery beep!!! Of course no one is claiming responsibility for putting it in there. Not that it surprises me. I have a feeling it is a little girl with big brown eyes, around the age of 2 and says "no" alot. Of course I don't have any forensic evidence to back that up but believe me - I'll be keep closer tabs on her from now on. And well, on the phone of course.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Why is it that my 4 year old thinks she is on the same mental playing field as me? Honestly, it's so asasperating I wish I could just detach my head from my body. Jenna seems to think she has the answer to everything lately. While it's cute she's forming her own opinions about life, sometimes I wish she would just stick to the facts.... well the facts as presented to her by mom. What mommy says go. There is no arguing with mommy. While you may have ideas of your own; they are instantly vetoed by mommy. Ah, if life were only that easy!

For example, if I ask her to clean up her toys, she gives me 101 excuses as to why she won't be doing that. Or she'll try to bargain with me. Tit for tat so to speak. Only thing is I'm getting the bum end of the deal because it involves her playing and making an even bigger mess and I get stuck cleaning it up. Someone needs to tell her this is not "Deal or No Deal" but rather "Do what I say or else!" The worst part is when she takes something I say, and uses it to dismiss me. For instance, I might say, "Jenna I want you go upstairs and put on your pj's" I'll get "Don't use that tone with me." What the hell is that about???? The worst part about hearing her say things like that isn't so much about disobedience or being a sass-mouth. The worst part is it affirms my greatest fear: I've become one of those stereotypical parents that vowed to never be like their own parents!!!

Do you remember the days when you said you would never be caught dead repeating the popular catch-phrases of your parents while growing up? Things like "because I said so" or "just wait until your father gets home." I hate to admit it, but now I can relate to my parents. That must either mean I've entered a rite of passage of parenthood or that I've run out of my own ideas and resorted to adopting the oldies of my parents (((SHUDDER))). How many of us vowed we would be cool parents? It was so much more feasible when we were young, didn't pay mortgages, and basically had no responsibility whatsoever. Ah, how I long for the days of simplicity. It's funny really... back when we were teenagers, we thought we had the world figured out. Now that we are actually adults, we realize not only did we NOT have the world figured out, but we are still scratching our heads on the subject (and our asses if we are politicians).

I do realize that being a parent involves a lot of give and take. Or is it a lot of give and get taken? There is no textbook definition of what makes the perfect parent; so trying to live up to something that doesn't exist is futile. You just do the best you can and learn as you go along I suppose. I guess one day I'll look back on these days and laugh because dealing with my 4 year old is going to be a lot easier than dealing with her 10 years from now. I guess I should leave it as this: out of the mouths of babes, and testing the agonizing patience of parents.

Well here I am! Got myself a little space on the great WWW to rant and rave to my heart's content. Can't take all the credit - got a little inspiration from my friend Lee-Ann (a fellow blogger). So for those of you that care to catch up on my crazy life - you now have seats front row and center! Hope you brought your ponchos!