Friday, November 07, 2008


Been a few weeks since my last point. In that time we did have our ultrasound and to our sneaking suspicions we were totally right... we are having another GIRL!!!! Best of all she looks wonderful and healthy!! I actually had to have a repeat u/s done a week later, because Little Miss was a crazed fetus and wouldn't stop moving! They couldn't get all the scans they needed to make the session complete! She is measuring right on target, and has my nose (sounds crazy but that's how good the picture of her face was!)

Can I say this (without sounding like a horrible person), that I'm really relieved it wasn't a boy? Before all you people out there with sons get all offended, catch my take. I'm used to girls. They are all I know, they are what I'm used to. All the baby stuff I saved is... you guessed it - PINK! When you have three girls already, that poor little guy never stands a chance! Older sisters trying to dress him like a girl, making him play with girl toys. Just ask my brother about that. And I will also admit, boys tend to drive me batty. Not because I dislike boys; but because I'm not around them as often. My nephews... I love them.. but I'm glad when they go home to their mom LOL. They are noisy, loud, rough and tumble. They are either pretending to shoot someone, being shot, exploding something, or being exploded. They bring interesting items into the house that have no reason being in the house LOL. That's just not something I'm used to. True the trade-off is four girls having PMS in the teen years. I'll be on valium and my husband will have reloated himself to a poker shack in the swamp. So it's not like I'm getting off un-scathed here. I'm sure had she BEEN a boy, things would have been fine and I would have been estatic! I would have bought some Tonka trucks or something, and all would've been A-OK.

This being said... I have to admit that some of the responses I have received are a little insulting. People telling me that they were crossing their fingers for me that she was a boy. Or that maybe I could have another baby, and try for a boy. Can I just make one thing clear? I wasn't TRYING for a boy. I was trying for a baby for the better part of 1 1/2 years. I personally think people try to get pregnant with one gender on their agenda are doing it for the wrong reasons. You get what you get; and if you are disappointed that you didn't get what you were hoping for... well you're a damn fool. Take it from me: there are so many couples out there that would give their eye teeth just to have the chance to have a baby. All I've ever wanted out of this pregnancy is a healthy, happy baby. Whether it came home wrapped up in a pink or blue blanket was of no consequence to me. One family member (who shall remain nameless as to avoid embarrassing them completely), actually said once we said we were having a girl, "Oh that's nice.... so what's your weather like?" Curb your enthusiuasm seriously.

I think it's hillarious that people quip the family with one boy/one girl as the "Millionaires Family". I think anyone blessed to have children have won the jackpot. My girls are definately worth their weight in gold. So until February, I'm going to bask in the pink light of this little wonder. I can't wait to meet her!! It is definately going to be an adventure to see how she changes the dynamic of our family!