Sunday, December 17, 2006


I don't say that "worst possible week-end" as an over-exageration either. I mean I've been known to over-exagerate from time to time but that's pretty much accurate for describing the last 3 days.

Friday was okay. Went out to a lovely dinner with friends sans kids. Had a wonderful time. Did I mention on the way there I saw a guy on the c-train mooning us from his window? Lovely. Our meal took forever and a day to serve, but that's what you get when they also have 2 Christmas parties they are cateering. Even so, great steak. Did I mention on the way to the parking lot, we saw a guy pick up a hooker? Not a word of a lie. Did I also mention when we left the parking lot he dropped her off just where he found her? Must not have liked the terms of the agreement. That or she was really a he.

On the way home, I started to feel off. Like indigestion. I figured too many rich foods...take some Tums when I get home. By midnight I was puking in my bathroom sink. And I pretty much stayed put for the entire night and most of the next morning and all that afternoon. So guess who caught Jenna's flu? Oh did I mention Kierra also started to vomit about 3 hours after me? Like a sailor I tell you. Hung her head over the side of the bed and let loose on the carpet. Poor hubby, he got to tend to her. About 5am, the twins were up so he brought them downstairs where Kierra continued to puke. As did I. By 9am, I was so dehydrated, I had about 4 consecutive charlie horses in my calves (seriously), and couldn't keep a thing down. Had to cancel my hair appointment (can't puke and get high lights you know), but the worst was I couldn't go with Jarrett for our appointment to have our sweetie Roper put to sleep. I can't really talk about it more than that. He went peacefully though, and he no longer hurts. Us, on the other hand, can't say the same. We've lost someone special in our family.

Saturday filled with more of my incessant vomiting, plus add Jenna back into there. Finally Kierra stopped though. Poor Jarrett is a wreck - tired plus a traumatized day. I'm useless. Can't even open a bottle of water for lack of energy. Plus have the chills constantly. Slept until 11am Sunday morning. Every muscle in my body aches. But hey, not puked in a while (knocks on wood). We had to cancel our dinner with our friends to help them celebrate Hannukah. Second year in a row we got ill and had to cancel. Must be the devote Orthodox in me trying to keep me in line(that is a joke btw). Felt so badly. First the twins miss their school xmas party, then this. We did let the girls open their gifts early though, since we are flying to the folks for Xmas. Jenna was delighted with her My Little Pony Castle, Kierra was instant smiles with her talking Dora house and Karis was tickled pink with her Little Pet Shop amusement park. Plus they got some barbies and other things. My sweet hubby bought me a brand new Sony digital video camera to replace the old one that went kaput.

So now I sit here with severe stomach cramps from what's left of the flu. Trying not to think of my dog, and hoping that the kids are done being sick, and that Karis doesn't contract it since she's made it this far. Hopefully the rest of the month goes a lot better than this.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Somehow I don't think Disney would ever do a movie with that title. An epic tale of a 4 year old girl who spends the entire day throwing up around my house. Now here in my house, not a tale so epic. It's just one of those things that christen being a mother. Jenna woke up with a stomach bug. Apparently threw up in her bed unbeknowst to me. So I got to do two loads of linens, plus clothing and a few stuffed animals.

After that, she threw up like clockwork every hour. Very hard when you are trying to hydrate your kid. Nothing was staying down! Attempts to give her crushed up gravol tablets in juice came back up quicker than they went down. She did snooze on the couch for an hour. My couch covered with one of those plastic mattress covers. Let me just say; very glad the main level of my house is entirely hardwood flooring!!
So finally at 5:30 I got some Gravol into her and so far (knock on wood) no more vomit! I'm hoping this is the end. I'm just tired!! Plus we have a dinner date with friends tomorrow night at a fancy restaurant. It's been planned for weeks and I even bought a nice dress for the occassion. I'll be so bummed if we have to cancel on them.

So cross your fingers that my darling is done vomiting her poor little head off. I can only hope it is quaranteened to her.... God forbid the other two should start up!

Friday, December 08, 2006


It's been a while coming now... and it's gotten to the point we can't avoid it any longer. Our sweet and beloved chocolate lab Roper has been having a lot of health problems lately. It's only gotten worse over the last year. As hard as it is, we've had the "talk" about the dog, and what our options were.

We took him to the vet where she told us both of his rear knees are shot and require surgery. But since he has major hip dysplasia, and arthritis... there wasn't much a point in trying. Besides that, his liver functioning seems to have taken a nose dive. We can't put him on pain meds for his knees because it'll screw with his liver. Anthetisia from the surgery could really be damaging. He's in a lot of pain, and he can barely walk around most days.

So today I made the call to have him put to sleep. I barely got through the conversation with the receptionist. I was crying on the phone the entire time. She kept asking me stuff like did I want an imprint of his pawprint and did I want his ashes seperate or mixed with other animals. Did I want to be in the room when he died. It was hard not to call it off entirely. I can't believe I'm doing this. I know it's for the best... but at the same time I can't comprehend letting go. He's a sweet dog and he's been through a lot with us. I don't know how it will be not seeing him anymore. I'm still questioning whether I can be in the room when it happens. They assured me it's not painful and is a very peaceful process.

I have one more week with my dog. One last week. It's going to be bittersweet. I only hope he can understand that I'm not trying to be mean... I love him and this is why I'm doing what I'm doing. So why do I feel so terrible?

Sunday, December 03, 2006


AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, there it is. The reason behind my very aggrivated and annoyed mood. THAT my friends is the dreaded retaining wall holding back the ridge of the property we bought in April. Did I mention that the section of the wall collapsed 1 DAY BEFORE the scheduled digging of my house? Oh yes... because you know everything is coming up Elle! 30 feet tall - engineered by the biggest idiots this side of the Canadian Shield.

So the deal was the engineers would tear down that section and rebuild it - good as new - wonderbar! Not as easy. First they said it would be done in October, and then November 1st, then November 15th and then end of November and now they are saying end of December. Any takers it's not going to be done anytime in 2006? I finally called up the developers and asked what exactly the problem was. I was advised they took down a larger section to rebuild and that weather was being a problem. Apparently they can't compact if it's -10 or below. OK people I live in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta - you do the temperature math please. So THEN he tells me that if they can't get it done by the end of December they will have to shut down the project and start up in the spring. THE SPRING? I'm sorry but this house has been nothing but a pain in my keister since the moment we bought it. Sure it's prime real estate, the view is nuts spectacular and the house would be glorious... but how much do we have to take?

So here's the new deal... if the wall isn't repaired and the project delayed til spring, we are thinking about calling it a day and pulling out of the contract (which we can do I think). We figure if it's this much trouble - it's just not worth it anymore. Some may say someone is trying to tell us something - you know it would've been a lot easier if he had someone buy the lot from under us instead of dealing with all this bullshit! Anyways, stay tuned for another installment of "why crappily made retaining walls collaspe." I have a feeling the ending is drawing to a near people.