Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Well now I've done it - I've gotten all Christmassy. Is that even a word? Christmassy? Well if not, it should be. It is the epitome of explaining the getting into the spirit of the season. Funny part was, I was trying VERY hard to put that off, for the sake of not looking like one of those lunatics that get their house decorated too early.

But alas, I failed once again.

It started off innocently as I decided to start making my Christmas cookies. My reasoning was I am having a dinner on December 8, a party on December 15, and my family is coming to our house for Christmas! I need A LOT of cookies, and also I need to off-set the ones I'm secretly stuffing into my mouth when no one is looking. My bad!!! So I made some sugar cookies, some shortbread, pecan balls and some almond balls.... and realized A) I have a long way to go and B) the smell of making these cookies is making me feel ill. I had to take a break from them.

So then I thought, why not get out my winter wonderland village and set it up? I mean it's innocent enough. I got all my houses, shoppes and what not out, set them up on the top of the piano. Got the little figures and realized there must've been a crime spree in winterwonderland's box this summer, because most of them were missing heads and limbs. It was a regular storage container massacre. The only one really left intact was the Priest.... kinda scared of him now!!! I went out and bought some new people. Good to have an integrated town ya know. So I got it all set up, plugged in the 100 lights it requires... and now Kierra rearranges the people. For some reason the Priest keeps ending up in the Blacksmith's shop. LOL it's a little funny but even so.

After that, I nagged my poor husband about outside decorations. I nag I tell you - I nag!!! I went and bought some outdoor snowflakes that light up, and one of those inflatable penguins. I initially got the light nets on the trees, set up the snowflakes. Then Jarrett put up the rest. This included 12 candy canes that light up in the flower bed, lights around the garage... and the projector I haven't seen since we moved from Michigan 3 years ago!! So he gets it all set up! I'm delighted!!! Usually have to pull off the man's arm to do it. We go out for dinner, come home... and the projector slide is not only upside down, but badly out of focus. We laugh, fix it and now we are officially the gaudiest family in our cul de sac. Not to mention our neighbors are Jewish... LOL. Good thing they like us.

And............ ashamed to admit it but been buying a lot of blue and silver ornaments to decorate the "mommy tree". This refers to the purely aesthetic mommy tree that is strictly for my amusement! It is only things mommy likes. The other tree is all the ornaments you are forced to put on the tree. And I even got a blue tree skirt.

So let's here it you closet decorators... who else has been getting into the swing of Christmassy?


tulipmom said...

Your house must look fabulous!

I'm not sure who enjoys driving around and looking at all the Christmas lights more: me or SB. He keeps asking when our neighbors are (finally) going to put theirs out.

I guess I really should get my act together and take out the Chanukah decorations seeing as how it's in 2

TK's Having a GIRL! said...

I decorated yesterday. This is the very first year I've done it before Thanksgiving. I've always been strict about that. But this year I was/am so excited to decorate MY house that I did it. Stockings are up, tree is up, ect... inside is done. Now we just have to find a day we can stay home long enough to hang the lights outside (probably Friday or Satuday).

Noemi said...

I will start my decorations tonight! I am so excited this year for some reason. And My hubby bought me new Ginger bread decorations from PR and they are just GORGEOUS! Can't Wait!

Would love to see some pics of your decorations!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

We've had too busy of a weekend to get into Christmas yet. Though I SOOOO want to!! Mr. Schmitty did put on my favorite carol yesterday, O Holy Night, and I was loving it!

Slick said...

Ugh Elle...

You women kill me. Trish had me gettin out all our crap Friday.