Monday, December 03, 2007


Before anyone who actually still makes visits to my blog reams me a new one, I'd just like to say... yeah I suck. Honest to God, I think, "Oh I have five minutes, I'm going to post something" and then I get side-tracked and two days later I remember where I left my train of thought. Not too many trains coming into the station lately huh?

So hope you all had a good week-end. I had an interesting one. Let's start off with Friday. Friday: my darling hubby took the day off so we could take the girls to see Santa. Usually Jarrett misses this event, because he is working. I guess I could wait until the week-end, but who in their right mind would try to visit Santa on a Saturday? It was bad enough that he accepted children at 10:00am... we were there exactly at 10:00 am and we still waited 45 minutes to see him!! Thank goodness they have a workshop play-area to occupy them. They were satisfied to wait. When they finally got to see the man in red, they were all smiles. Kierra made a point of sitting on Santa's lap - which was surprising! This is the first year she's had any interest in him (which is a good thing to see!). Of course I'll include a picture. I do have to make note that yes, I do realize Santa had quite possibly the worst dentures known to man. But hey - at least he took the time to grow his own beard this year.

Friday night we had my hubby's Christmas party. So I got all gussied up in a dress I already had. I tried to find something else, but alas, it was a feat too big. But that's okay - Jarrett added something new to it by giving me some Christmas ice a little early. This would be a one carat diamond solitaire pendant, and just so my ears didn't feel lonely - 2/3 carat a piece diamond earrings!!!

Yes swoon!!! Who doesn't swoon when their husbands give them over 2 carats of diamonds? He let me wear them as he said it was a "special occasion". However, he did take them back at the end of the night so he could wrap them and put them under the tree. Don't ask me how his mind works. I had to scratch my head at that one. He said so I had something to open Christmas morning. I told him usually that is a moot point when you already wore the gift. Oh well!! But the party was very nice!! I made a new friend (I sound like I'm in elementary school), and I won the centerpiece from our table. Jarrett won $250.00 in a gift card for an electronics store. I can't tell you how great that is, considering the ipod I was going to buy him cost around that much. Christmas present for Jarrett... CHECK!

Saturday we had Kierra's doctor appointment. I'll do another posting this week on the results from that (otherwise you'll be sitting here in a marathon posting). We then met a little girl and her mom from the twins class for the movie "Enchanted". The girls LOVED it! Kierra was cracking up almost the entire time. She has a crazy laugh - which made us laugh. After that, Jarrett went out and bought some stuff to make me a dinner, which he eloquently called it "a special dinner for my lady friend". Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok nerd. He was actually singing this lame song as he prepared it. He made hor d'oerves, a great chicken pasta dish, champagne and chocolate mousse cake. YUM!!!! Needless to say - romantic evening a la deux!

Sunday, I slept in until 10:30 (whoops!) and then spent the afternoon in a baking frenzy. I baked about 14 dozen cookies, made 30 mincemeat tarts, hand dipped a bag of pretzels because Jarrett likes chocolate-covered pretzels.... and then made three trays of homemade chocolates. Puff puff puff.

So anyways, that's about it from me!!! I'll try to be more diligent in posting this week (however we all know how good I've been about that lately!) Thanks for coming back!


TK's Having a GIRL! said...

Beautiful diamonds!!!!!!!!!!! My family has always been that way about not being allowed to keep the gifts, even if wore them. Confuses Allen too.

Burg said...

Wowie! I'd like to have a bit of frosting like that! Of course I haven't worn a necklace in the last six years that didn't end up broken and in my purse by the end of the evening.. Guess I'd have to choose something else..

Very cute Santa pic of the girls..

Anonymous said...

Geeezus girl, no wonder you ain't been posting. Sound busier than a three legged dog in the middle of the interstate.

Jarrett done extremely well. I'm not going to show Trish this can bet on that ;)

Beautiful pictures of the girls!!

Anonymous said...

Nice ice, baby. What a sweet guy and they look great on you. Love your hair!

Anonymous said...

The Santa pic is too cute! And let's just say for the next special occasion in this household, I'm referring my hubby to yours.

Of course I did get a poinsettia, but the diamonds are nice too. LOL!

Noemi said...

Ok So Jarrett needs to send these vibes to my hubby to see if I can get some ice this x-mas... Great pics with the girls and Santa. Come to think if it I need to take the boys...

Lainey-Paney said...

well, i was going to first post about how wonderful your Santa picture is....but Holy Batsh*t! those

does your husband have my husband's email address???
Because....i could defnitely use someone putting a bug in MY hubbies ear about the perfect Christmas gift.


Picture w/ envy!
But you totally deserve to be ICED!

" sparkle like a holiday!"

Chrissy said...

Holy Cow!!!! I am swooning for you. What a lovely and extravagent gift. I am going to make my hubs read your blog tonight (not that it will help)!
Also, very beautiful pic of your girls!

Tuesday Girl said...

What a great gift!
I wear my diamond earrings every day!

Jackie said...

Oh the bling! Sweet! So green with envy right now.

Your girls look absolutely adorable with Santa (but I'm sure I don' thave to tell you that)

Have I ever told you that the music on your blog always makes me happy? And I usually don't like when music just starts up but yours... yours I always love :-)

Maria said...

Holy shit. That man is worth his weight in GOLD.

Nice rocks, oh my.

I love anyone who will make me dinner. Singing is optional....

tulipmom said...

Your girls look so pretty!