Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Just a quick note about my pregnancy before I get into my topic: I'm feeling the baby really thumping in there (although no formal "kick"). It's hilarious how it just amazes me like it was the first time ever I felt a baby inside me move about. I'm waiting for my boot though - and I know hubby can't wait to feel this kiddo shimmy and shake! Oh - and I already got a referral to a REAL OBGYN! That was quick! They are supposed to call me this week to set up a date to come see him. So I guess the other doctor decided it was better for me to see this other guy instead. Whatever... as long as there is someone with a scalpel in February!

So lately I've been really into watching these paranormal shows. Like "Paranormal State" and "Haunting". I don't know why - but as much as these shows totally creep me out, I still love them!!! Not to mention all the creepy dreams I've been having lately. Like the other night I dreamt that vampires were trying to convert all the children at school!! I'm sure it has something to do with me watching these shows. That and Jarrett thinks it's hilarious when I start yelling "Why would he summon that????" and "Oh man I wouldn't live in THAT house!" But it gets me thinking about whether we all have some sort of ability to channel spirits? Not that I want to put theory to the test but I think on some level, we are all probably able to do this. I mean we use only a fraction of our brain's potential, so who would be so bold as to say what the under-utilized part is capable of? I'm not saying every person out there claiming to be a medium is real (a lot of people are out to make a buck in any shape or form), but you have to truly wonder about those that can nail things about people they've never met? How can it all just be a sheer coincidence?

Of course there are the nay sayers that don't believe in the paranormal, because they don't believe in the afterlife. Or they believe you go to Heaven or Hell... no one floats in between somewhere. But I still wonder... what if a spirit had unresolved issues and refused to pass on, or was unable to pass on? I mean what can we REALLY know about what happens after we die? I'm not talking about those people with the near-death experiences who say they saw a white light and their life flashed before their eyes. I'm just saying, how can we truly know what happens, or to what degree?

Personally I think there is more to life after death. I wouldn't be so bold as to say what I think happens to us. I mean I guess that would largely depend on our religious/spiritual beliefs, and what kind of person we were on Earth. And while I'm intrigued about the possibility that some individuals may communicate with people beyond the grave, I'm not going to start having seances or anything. I think toying with something that we can't begin to understand is just asking for trouble. And honestly, if I were ever in a situation where I thought I was in an exchange with something supernatural - I'd be high-tailing it out of there! But I can't help but wonder about the "what ifs" of the life/death paradigm.

What are your thoughts?


Maddy said...

I certainly believe in a version of 'karma' [the what goes around comes around kind of a thing]

Whilst I'm not a particularly religious or spiritual person I also think that there are so many things that we hardly know anything about.

For instance, why is that when you go into a house / home, quite often there is an almost palpable feeling about the place either negative or positive and not necessarily connected to the current home owners.

I sense I begin to ramble.

Best wishes

Elle said...

No I think that's a good question. I think that spirtual entities can give/feed off of positive and/or negative energy. It would make sense that "bad", or a menacing spirit would gravitate towards people with anger and pain. Of course I don't think all spirits are negative. I'm sure there are a lot of houses where those who have passed just hang around for their living family members. Maybe the homeowners might find it comforting. For me, I'd rather the loved one passed on though, rather than sitting around in a world that has accepted their death.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Christian, so I believe in Heaven and hell. The Bible has lots of references to spirits and the spiritual realm in the Bible, and I've experienced enough weird stuff that I definitely believe it happens.

In the Old Testament, there's even a passage where a king used a medium to contact a dead prophet to find out why God was mad at him (the king). But the Bible does forbid contacting spirits, and in Old Testament times, a medium could be put to death. Probably because, as you said, the spiritual realm is an area that we can't possbily understand fully and don't really know what we're getting into.

The Bible has a "karma"-type principal too, by the way, but refers to it in terms of sowing and reaping - what you do, is what you get back.

Nicely timed post what with Halloween approaching and all. LOL!

Elle said...

LMAO - I never thought about the Halloween tie.

Interesting about the reference to mediums in the Bible. I never knew that - I find it interesting.

Maria said...

We have a ghost. She and her husband were the first tenants/builders of our house. Bing and I have both seen her but Liv hasn't. I saw her first and Bing kept insisting that I was imagining things or being dramatic.

Until the night when she got up at 3 a.m to go get a glass of milk (naked.) She went down to the kitchen (naked) and was taking a drink of milk and looking out on to the deck when she saw our ghost. She came running back upstairs (naked) and was literally babbling with terror. I kid you not.

The next day when I went down to make Liv breakfast, her milk glass was still overturned on the counter....

Slick said...

I believe in the paranormal. For Trisha's sake, we don't ever get into a discussion about it cause she's home a lot by herself at night and she tends to be on the scary side lol

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