Thursday, October 02, 2008


I am now officially at my mid-point in this pregnancy, which is 19 weeks. For me, this is mid-point as I'm going to have a repeat scheduled c-section at 38 weeks. I've had two previous. The first one was with the twins (which wasn't something we planned). They were both head down and Kierra was engaged. Apparently my cervix doesn't like to dilate past 8 cm's at any given time. Even when you are 38 weeks pregnant... with twins... and being induced. I won't complain I guess since I was so afraid of pre-term labor with them. I guess my cervix doesn't like to let them out. There are worse things in the world. Like going through 38+ hours of induced labor only to have a c-section I could have scheduled as elective in the first place and saved myself the hassle of the whole ordeal. That being said, I had beautiful twin girls that tipped the scales at 13 lbs together!! Healthy babies!

Karis was elective as well to a point. I was planning on trying to Vbac until I felt that there was something not sitting right with me. Call it mother's intuition, that nagging feeling that something bad was going to happen. I finally opted for the elective repeat c-section, and gave birth to a 7lb'er at 38 weeks. Not only was it a good decision, it may have saved me and the baby as my c-section scar on my uterus was alarmingly thin. My doctor told me the c-section was definitely the way to go, because I was a prime candidate for a uterine rupture (something you love to hear as they dig around in your uterus). Apparently having twins and then another 19 months apart isn't a good idea. Therefore I was instructed that any further babies I should have, should wait for at least 2 years, and that there was only one more pregnancy allowed. This was fine by me... three babies under the age of 19 months was more than I needed at the time!

So here we are again. I have never really sat and worried about c-sections. The first time I had like 20 minutes to wrap my head around it. It was "you need a c-section" to pulling out two babies. Karis I felt okay about, and didn't fret until the night before. Funny story: I crawled into bed with my mom, who had come down for the occasion, at around 4am. She asked me what was wrong, and I said I was nervous. We had to be up by 5am and at the hospital by 6am. She sleepily went to rub my belly, and instead started to rub my right boob. I said "Um mom, I love you but not that much"... and we both started to laugh our asses off. So yes I was nervous but never really dwelled on it. Maybe I was too busy with the twins as well. Well my sister recently had a baby via c-section and has nicely gone on and on about how crappy it was (it was her 4th baby/3rd section). Proceeded to tell me this was the worst one for pain. So now I'm thinking about it. And I still have 19 weeks left!! How crappy is that?

I'm mostly worried about my chronic puking condition I seem to get during c-sections. The twins I had severe vertigo and vomiting for about 2 days. With Karis I was fine until they wheeled me into recovery, and then I proceeded to vomit for about 16 hours. Not too fun especially when you haven't eaten anything for over 12 hours before the surgery, and you are just dry-heaving bile. So I worry about that. And let's face it: no one likes to be sliced open, even if it's for a cute little baby!

So I basically would LOVE to hear any antidotes about how repeat c-sections any of you may have had went better than the ones before. Seriously now, let's share!! Don't plague me with sagas though of how shitty yours was. While I'd love to hear about it at a later time... not so much right now!


Lainey-Paney said...

Ok...I had a c-section. Haven't yet had a repeat I have no story for you.
But I must say---I'm laughing so hard at the story about your boob-massaging-mama.

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

I've had two c-sections and this one will be my third. The second was easier than the I was counting on breezing through this one. But, now you've made *me* nervous that there is something weird about the 3rd one that makes it horrible. Hopefully not!
{i've been lucky with the no-puking part so far, too. Just an incredibly, incredibly, itchy face from the morphine. I have red scratches on my face in all the "new baby" pictues}.

Elle said...

Norma-Ann my sister had the same thing with her. Just ask for some benedryl and it will help with the itching. They can give it to you as soon as your baby is born. It helped my sis tremendously.

Anonymous said...

I had to have a planned csection with my LO. But can't give any advice on a repeat one - haven't done that yet! But my first one was fine. I dreaded having to do it and wasted so much time worrying about it. Just make sure you go over with your Dr exatly what will happen and what meds will be given. Ask for nausea meds to be added to your IV - I was sick while I was on the table but I think it was from them wheeling me in there. Lol Guess I get car sick? Oh and also ask for the walking epidural so you can be pain free for 48 hours after the c/s! I had them take mine out early but that was a life saver I think and I was surprised to hear that some Drs don't do it this way. ??? Overall I would have preffered to have a "normal" birth but I had no choice. Oh and make sure you get a c/s support belt and put it on in recovery!

I don't see why a second or third would be any different if it's done by the same Dr. Don't worry - it'll be a breeeeze. ;)

Twisted Cinderella said...

Well I have only had one section but I had no ill-effects at all. We are planning on having another at some point and that one will be a repeat section.

Purple Daisies said...

I came across your blog and just had to comment. I just had my 3rd c-section a couple of months ago. This was probably the worst, sorry to say, but I think it was mainly due to the fact I also had my tubes tied and my baby was big so they really had to dig around and get the little guy.
Everyone else says the third is the easiet. I hope it will be for you!