Thursday, August 16, 2007


I am in the midst of trying to clean my house, wash all the clothes and pack for a two week trip to my mom and dad's in exactly two days. So far, I managed to only get the girls' clothes washed (hey that's 3 loads), plus I did all the towels and socks. I haven't cleaned bupkiss yet - which is driving me nuts. I don't have much time left to get it done.

So I'll be missing until I get it done!!! I'll post tomorrow with something more witty!


Anonymous said...

Need a swiffer or 10?


Mom on Coffee said...

Good Luck getting everything done!!! And have a safe trip!!

Sunshine said...

I launder and Clorox myself out of the house when I go on trips too. I TOTALLY get what you're doing!

my minivan is faster than yours said...

I found your through Canadian Thoughts in Texas. This post reminded me I need to go and do the laundry. Oy!