Friday, June 06, 2008


Well lots has happened since my last post.

To start off with: Kierra is now sporting a cast on her lower leg. Last Saturday she had an accident on the swing where she must've gotten her foot caught as she swung up. I wasn't there (I was on a date with my hubby), however she was with her babysitter who didn't actually see what happened. She just knows Kierra started to cry, which is something that doesn't happen often when she gets hurt. I find out about this incident around 10:30 pm when we get home. She says her ankle is really swollen. THAT was an understatement! It was huge!!

The next day, hubby takes her to a walk-in and they decide it's probably sprained but they want to send her for x-rays. So he takes her for the x-rays, comes back to the clinic, and they say they suspect a bad sprain. However they will call us if there is anything that comes up from the radiologist. The next day, she goes to school.

Tuesday morning I get a call from the doctor clinic asking me to bring Kierra in. I ask why but they won't say. FINE! So I pull her out of school for the afternoon and head to the clinic, where they actually misplaced her file, asked me three times why I was there (um derr cause you called me in!). Get into the room and the doctor wants to know what I want...... again derrr. Finally he figures it all out and says, "Oh well the radiologist thinks there is buckling on her tibia and fibula from a greenstick fracture". Oh nice..... Wait there's more! "looks like there could be a hairline fracture on the top of her foot too. She should have been casted on Saturday".

So basically the idiots that sent her home on Sunday, and then didn't call on Monday, but waited three days while she hopped and walked around on it decided she should have a cast. Then he tells me to take her to Children's Hospital ER with this note from him.

So I get Jenna out of school, take her and Karis to the neighbors and head up to Children's Hospital. Where the parking meters (both of them) are broken. I figure fuck it, I don't have time to go looking for a functional meter somewhere else. I get in and wait for triage and one of the guards tells me I could go to the parkade to pay. Why the hell should I? You guys have an ER where parents bring in children who are sick, but you want us to run around like chicken's with cut off heads because you're parking meters in the ER parking lot are broken? Screw that! I told him let them write me a ticket, I'd love to see it (btw: I didn't get a ticket after parking there for over 5 hours).

After a long while, the doctor comes in and decides he wants to see the radiology CD I had from the week-end. He goes off, and I think he must've left on sabitical or something. He finally comes back and decides he's not sure (huh?), so let's call someone down from Radiology to look at it. In that time, he kicks us out of our room and makes us sit in chairs in the hallway. 20 minutes later he comes back and says two greenstick fractures in the leg, one in the foot and badly sprained ankle - we have to cast it. So we gather up our stuff and go back into the room. And wait.... and wait.... and wait..... They bring in the casting cart and I'm hopeful but I wait... and wait... and wait. I see the doctor put on a gown to keep his pants clean and guess what? I wait some more as I listen to some poor child screaming because they are trying to put an IV in. Then a code blue (that was accidental apparently). FINALLY he comes and puts this cast on. He finishes and tells me to suspend her foot by hanging onto her toes for 15 minutes while it dries because he's done. Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Kierra giggles the entire time thankfully - but I mean you can only laugh so long when someone is holding up a heavy casted leg that hurts, by your toes no less. Finally the thing sets (she picked green), and we get ready to leave. I'm waiting for discharge papers or directions or something. Nurse comes in, shoves a pamphlet at me and tells me to come back in 3 weeks and they'll remove it. Then Kierra get's pissed because her shoe obviously doesn't fit over her cast. I inquire what does she walk with. She won't use the crutches. So the nurse brings this little walking sandal. How summery! Now it's 7:30pm and we haven't had dinner. Me being nice mom, takes her to Wendy's.

All this time my husband is out of town by the way. He's in a conference that he company has every year.... in Banff. I call him to tell him I'm in the ER, then later to say Kierra is being casted. So he took my cue and came home a day earlier. What a sport! Of course he's pissed (as am I) at the original doctor from Sunday.

Ask me if this has slowed Kierra down..... no. She's runnning and doing this little gimpy hop cast and all. The child is insane!!! She'd ride her bike if you let her. In fact she wants to play at the playground. I have a feeling it's going to be a long three weeks .... for both of us.


Maria said...

OW! I had that happen once when I was a kid. It was my arm, though...they could not decide if it was broken or not. I hard can it be?

Maria said...

Hey, Elle...I went looking for Mama Lee after a long time awol and it said that her blog had been dismantled. Everything okay?

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Wowzerrs...what an escapade huh! Hope she is doing better now! I would have been pissed off too.

Fratzels said...

Poor little thing! At least her spirits were good through all that waiting!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

So, how is she doing?

Hallie :)

Lainey-Paney said...

Best of luck with the cast!
And yes, your hubby is a sport for coming home early!

DariDonovan said...

So sorry about the leg cast, just came by to say hello!

Jenny said...

Sounds about typical. Greestick fractures can be hard to see. You'd actually be surprised how much is missed on x-rays read by ER docs, but that's why a radiologist is supposed to be available to check the films at least once every day.

Well, I would say hope she feels better, but since she obviously does, I'll say good luck trying to get her to take it easy!