Sunday, June 29, 2008



I have a ton of announcements so let me just start by saying, I know I've been away a while, but after you read this you'll fully forgive me.

First off, I had my in-laws here for a week about two weeks ago. During that time, my twins turned 6 years old!! I hosted a party for them with 13 children (yes you read that right!). It went really well though. The girls had a blast and felt extremely nostalgic. During the inlaw week-long visit, it rained. I don't mean it rained a little. I mean it rained the ENTIRE time they were here. Therefore we didn't do too much of anything!

After that we had company coming for another 10 days. These were our good friends from North Dakota. We went to university with them, they were in our wedding party when Jarrett and I got married. Long history!!! We had a BLAST!! Honestly I haven't had that much fun in ages!! We went to Banff, we went to the Zoo, we went shopping and to lunch.... She was even awesome enough to come with me to my next job and help me paint a bedroom!!!!! Honestly, was very sad to see her have to go home, but it was such a good visit that I just look forward to doing it again!!!

Kierra's cast is off!!! Thank God!!!! Jarrett took her to a clinic where they do cast removal, he started to saw it, she started to scream, and the doctor states, "I can't do this, you have to take her to the ER at Children's!" Jarrett just looked at him with a you gotta be kidding me look. I mean who clogs up the ER with a cast removal? He insists he can't do it because she's screaming. Jarrett pretty much calls him a pussy, and then proceeds to the ER, where he spent five hours waiting. Once he gets in, they decide that they could sedate her (which isn't happening), so then they get four other adults to help Jarrett hold her down while they take off the cast. It took all five of them to hold her down, and they were amazed how strong she was!!! So one tramatized kid later, Kierra is now cast-free and running about like a mad child!!!

The twins are done school, so I officially have Kindergarten graduates!!! Jenna was really sad because she loves her teacher and doesn't want a new one in the fall. I'm trying to tell her that it's just the way it is, and she'll love her next teacher too. She wasn't convinced and had grand hysterics in the schoolyard on her last day. Poor kid!!! They both passed (does anyone "fail" kindy anymore?), and now the countdown of 60 days begins.

Karis and Jenna also had their dance receital, which was extremely cute and done at the worst possible time of day 11:00 to 1:30. By the time it was over, I had children crying and screaming at me because they were hungry. I had to shower them to get the make-up and hairspray off of them. Try to shower children who are screaming at you with all they got!!! It's insane!!! After daddy got McDonald's and you never heard so much content chewing in your life!!!!

Anyways, that's about it for me. I am really busy with my business (oh I registered it btw!), and I'm working on three rooms simultaniously right now. No I don't mind the stress really LOL. Hope everyone is doing well, and I'll be updating soon!!!


Kristy said...

Sounds like you've been busy! I'm glad Kierra has her cast off now!!! Poor kid it was so traumatizing for her!!!

Pendullum said...

You are one busy gal....

Maria said...

Busy and happy. It all sounds very good.

Scattered Mom said...

Hi Elle,

Just dropping by to invite you put your name in the hat for some giveaways over at Notes From the Cookie Jar-you can win some great lip balm (4 tubes, one for you and each of your girls), a $20 GC from Fandango, or a subscription to Canadian Living. They will be winding up pretty quick, so you'll want to enter by Friday.

Because you are on my blog roll, you get 2 entries to each giveaway :)

Ps...your music just made me jump with fright so much I almost fell out of my chair

Bella said...

Hi, I just had to click on your link from another blog (forget which one, the one where she is having a contest for Honey Lip Balm...) because our titles of our blogs are very similar, almost rhyme even ;)

Three girls??? You must be busy!

I have 2 boys, but sometimes it feels like 3 or more, so I am sure it feels like 5 or 6 to you can be so exhausting!

I saw the links about autism on your blog...that is also something I know about...

Well, anyways just wanted to pop in and say hi, please come visit my blog and say hello when you get the chance!

Nice to meet you :)


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