Sunday, September 09, 2007


OK so maybe not worlds... but situations that don't mix well. When those collide, you darn well know you are in for a day of hurting. I hurt... I hurt!

Yesterday, our friend Alana had a birthday and to celebrate, we had a Tiki party. Which meant dressing up all crazy, and drinking a lot of tropical drinks. This was fine. I showed up in the most "island" shirt I could find - which wasn't the greatest but eh - good enough. I did my hair up with a bunch of red flowers in the back - I figured this counteracted the awful shirt I was wearing. Throughout the course the evening, I had 5 margaritas (whoops lost count there) and something else that was pink and fruity. I wasn't drunk by any means, just feeling happy - and went home around 12:30. I should say I had a fabulous time, even though several of my friends were quite inebriated. One friend's husband asked to sniff the fake flowers in my hair - he was so pissed he wasn't sure if they were real or not. Another guy basically ousted his sex life as being dull with his wife. Ooopsy there fella - you sure aren't getting any for sure now! There are a lot more interesting quips I won't bother to share. Mostly because you never know who might be reading this, and what they may or may not remember from the night before.

This morning, I wake up feeling slightly hanging, but nothing major but also with a headcold. Now you put a minor hanger and a cold together, you know you are going to feel like complete and utter crap. Being on Dayquil - it doesn't make the hangover feel better. All I could think today is I can't wait for night so I can sleep. I think life would be a whole lot better if I could breathe out of my left nostril right about now. Plus Kierra is being a major PITA today - you'd think she'd been the one drinking last night. I'd hate to see her the day she turns legal.

So here's a lesson to all: Unless you are taking multi-vitamins religiously, are in wonderful health, and can hold your liquor better than me - I wouldn't attempt what I did in the last 48 hours!


Mom on Coffee said...

That sounds like so much fun!

I don't drink very often, but when I do look out. I might b close to 6ft and close to 200lbs, but I am a serious lightweight.

tulipmom said...

I'll be thinking of you today when I've got my head over a bucket. Hope you feel better soon!

Maria said...

I would just really, really like to tie one on again. Just once. As it is right now, I haven't been even tipsy since before Liv was born.

There is something SO very wrong with that picture.

Chrissy said...

Have you recovered? I would have been gone after 3 margaritas!