Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I'm having one of those evenings where I'm tired, and I can't fall asleep. It's insomnia for dummies. I took a melatonin about an hour ago, and I think it's finally kicking in. I'm not quite "there" yet (this would mean to the point I'm so tired, I don't care that my husband is snoring in my face). I hope to be there soon.

I get like this every once in a while. It's not for any real reason, mostly because my stupid brain won't shut off. It's stuck in auto-pilot and demanding my conscious attention. Like what I did today, conversations I had... mindless stuff that would make any normal person fall asleep within three seconds from the sheer boredom. I knew from about 8:00 onwards this was going to happen because I was getting the jittery legs. That's usually my tell-tale sign that I'm on a high anxiety level. Perhaps if I did a few jumping jacks, I could mellow out. But since I already took off my bra for the night, I won't be doing that. They aren't mighty, but hey - they still hurt when you jump around unsupported.

So I guess I'll recap today's events: IPP Meeting. It was, more or less, a complete waste of gasoline. By the way... how you liking those gas prices? Pretty grotestque wouldn't you say? It's already 109.9 here in Canada. I remember thinking 103 was high. They say it's going much higher soon. My husband loves it. He works for an oil pipeline company. In the end, it lines his pockets. Sorry it's the truth. Please don't throw flaming bags of poo at my house. I digress: the trip was a waste of over-priced fuel. I reminded myself why I hate the drivers around here - they are idiots. They are practically driving so far up your ass, you feel the need to stop and ask them if they plan on buying me dinner after. But I did arrive at said destination, did the meeting (which was pointless). All we talked about is whether Kierra is saying consonant/vowel words properly, and why she won't go into a public restroom with a self-flushing toilet. Sigh! Educated minds hard at work. On a good note, it was the consensus that she's doing really well, and has been consistent in her progress since she first started up with the Foundation a little over two years ago. Everyone agrees she's always changing in a positive way (tell that to the mom who scrubbed red permanent marker off the same kid three days before). After, I took the kids to McDonalds - that was the highlight of the day since I'm dieting now.

I'm still awake... why am I still awake?????????

Kierra got her first invitation to a birthday party this Saturday. Seems odd to be excited about it, but this is the first time Kierra has gotten invited to a birthday. Usually Jenna is the only one invited. So I'm kinda excited for her! I also took the kids to get their ears pierced last Friday. Jenna has been hounding me forever, and finally we decided "fine let's do it". Karis chimmed in that she wanted some too, so I took all three girls to get their ears pierced. Jenna got hers, and hardly winced. She was very proud. Kierra watched Jenna, and then decided no thanks I'll pass. Karis decided she wanted those earrings, and she got them, along with screaming in my ear for about two mintues after they were finished putting them in. I got the nastiest look from an older woman. You'd think I just branded the child with a cattle prod or something! Sheesh! So Jenna spent the entire day afterwards telling her teacher she was royalty now. Wow - is that all it takes in this day and age? Some purple stone earrings?

I'm slowly becoming delusional with fatigue....

My neighbor keeps asking me how my purse is... like it's a sick child. I get that it's a Louis Vuitton purse, and it's lovely... but why ask me about it every time you see me? She's asked me three times now, "How is the purse?", another day "oh so you are out with your purse huh?" OKAY, it's not like I'm convorting around the City with some hot Italian guy that's not my husband. It's a freakin' purse! I'm starting to avoid meeting her out in the driveways - it's become a source of... well weirdness. I'm begining to think that I'd get less attention if I was carrying around one of those useless teacup dogs around under my arm (which by the way, I totally don't get the appeal of that). Besides, my purse doesn't shit in my house. Case closed - purse wins hands down as preferred accessory. Even so I'm still quite mystified about why so many questions.

Almost ready to go to bed now.....

My husband was kind enough to spring for a plane ticket to go to my brother's engagement social. For those of you unfamiliar with this concept: it's like a social event that charges money for entrance, and for drinks... you booze it up and you exchange nice with other people, and the proceeds go towards the bride and groom's wedding. So this is at the end of April. I'm going alone, since flying with three kids is a waste of money for one week-end. It should be a fun time. Plus, I can poke at my sister's expanding middle.

OK I'm officially done. I don't even think I'm talking clearly at this point. I've forgotten the previous sentence before I even started to write the next. You know you are ready to snooze when it gets to that point. Plus now I have to haul my ass up the stairs.... I wonder if the landing is a comfortable place to crash????


Anonymous said...

I hope you got some sleep!

And by the way, gas prices here in Connecticut are @$3.27/gallon US dollars.

I'm looking forward to funding your next new purse! LMAO


Teri Kathleen said...

I am the same way about sleep! I have to lay down when Allen goes to bed before he leaves for work or I'm up half the night!

Gas prices, in my area of Ohio, is between $2.99 & $3.10 depending where you go.

(new pic's up on entry about kayley's room...)

Fratzels said...

Melatonin - I used to take that in college. I had serious sleep issues.

Glad about the birthday party invitation - it must be an exciting thing for everyone!

I paid $3.10 at the pump today - glad part of that is going to someone I know in the blogging world. Makes me feel a little better now.

Jody said...

Gas is 118.9 here... damn. I enjoy your rambling.... I'm so glad Kierra was invited! I think it's horrible that a parent would exclude someone to begin with, thats terrible.
So how's your purse today? She doing good? lmfao

Maria said...

So...um..Elle? How is that little purse of yours doing?


tulipmom said...

It usually takes awhile for me to decompress after one of those meetings.

Please tell me Kierra isn't the first child they've encountered who doesn't do public bathrooms with self-flushing toilets. SB wouldn't pee in a public bathroom until he was 6 and he still doesn't flush the toilet at home because he can't stand the sound.

I'm so glad to hear about the birthday invitation ... I know how much of a big deal that is.

LOL at your neighbor and the purse.

Hope you got some sleep!

Noemi said...

I really hope you are able to sleep better. I sometimes get like that too and it truly sucks!

Oh and don't get me started with the gasoline prices! I have a big ole SUV which I LOVE however I am developing a LOVE/HATE relationship everytime I fill it up! ARGH

Kristy said...

Aawww I'm glad kirra got her first bday invitation!! She will really have fun!
Jordyn wants her ears pierced too. I told her for her birthday next month. I'm sure she will cry but we'll see if she doesn't chicken out first.

BTW....how's that purse holdin up for ya??

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm running on sheer delirium at this point! LOL!!

Hope you got some sleep!