Wednesday, February 06, 2008


These children are driving me crazy!!!! February is the month of "make your kids stay home from school and drive you batty" month. Don't ask why, apparently there is a need for professional days (I think they are boozing it up at the local bar). Don't get me wrong... I love my kids. But I'm use to having an afternoon reprieve from their constant yelling, fighting, and continuous harrassment of me. Next week, I have a five day stint with them.... alone. If I'm woried now, just think what happens when school lets out in June!!!!!!!!

The other night I had a massage. It wasn't one of those massages you go to because you just like to have some strange person rubbing oil all over you. I'm actually going for massage therapy. Well I don't know how therapeutic it is to be kneeded like a lump of dough to the point you are gritting your teeth in anguish and you can't even keep you feet from flying up off the massage table. My point of excruitating pain in around my shoulder blade (specifically on the right side). This is what happens when you decide against your better judgement to haul 90 lbs worth of kids up a hill in a sled. Not one of my brighter moments let me tell you. As a result, I've seen my chiropractor twice, and now the massage therapist. At one point I could feel her pushing the knot in my shoulder, which was very creepy. I told her it hurt and she said, "Oh I'm trying to pin it against your shoulder blade." LOVELY!!!!!!!!! One hour later, and $75.00 less richer... I can barely move or lift my right arm. She wanted me to go again next week (she's evil!), but she didn't have an evening appointments (damn), so I go again in two weeks. Same time, same channel... and probably the same unbearable pain. I might have to take some codeine first.

In other news, Kierra got this voice assisting box (essentially she pushes buttons and it makes sentences). It was a trial application, and we were very excited to see it. This morning the speech therapist comes, and the woman who is my case worker brings it..... and we were a little disapointed to say the least. It only does 8 pictures per sheet, and only takes up to three sheets. That is only 24 commands... for a child with well over 500 words in her vocabulary. So basically it's useless. We have to talk to the case worker about finding something more Kierra's speed. There is one that is 40 commands per screen, and holds up to 10 scrrens worth. This might be more in her league. Funny thing is the cruddy one was $800.00!!! Eight hundred for 24 phrases? I can't even imagine what 400 is going to cost me. Normally we would wait to get the evaluation, and then assigned one. I found out we can buy one out-right if choosen. I kinda like the free idea better, but the catch is it's 1 - 1 1/2 years of a wait. Sigh.

We have a date night on Saturday, which I'm really looking forward to. I have no clue what we are doing, but am happy at the prospect of going out for a meal that doesn't involve a kiddie menu and my saying "would you please behave yourself" 10001010 times. I'm also trying to convince my husband to take his Feb EDO off one of the days the girls are staying home from school. We tried to strong-hold my mother into coming to visit by waiving a pre-paid airline ticket in her face... and my husband's pressure tactics of saying "c'mon..... I'm booking it right now" but alas, it didn't work out. Crap!

Well, that's about it from me. You might be happy to know I'm not in a perpetual frozen state anymore... we got a chinook and are happily thawed out for the time. Let's hope it stays that way (although highly unlikely). Cheers!


Maddy said...

Yes our school is also closed for a week [I thought Spring break had come early or something!] but it's called 'ski week'. I understand that the school district sort of caved to public opinion where so many people take their kids out of school because of the Presidents Day Weekend.

Even if we could afford to go skiing I don't think we'd have much luck with our little herd.

We also have a couple of teacher training days.......
Ah well.
Best wishes

Maria said...

You know, Liv was home sick for two days last week and I am embarrassed to say that I was truly sick of her. I felt like celebrating when she finally went back to school. And then, I kept thinking..."Good hell, she will be home for MONTHS in just three months time."

I swear that I love her, I really do...but I NEED that time apart.

And, I am going for a massage on Saturday to some guy that Bing thinks is great. My back is just so achey. I am...scared. I really hate having someone I don't know touch me. Bing thinks I am insane. I mean, "it is professional...MEDICINAL" she keeps saying.

I don't care. He is TOUCHING me.

Jenny said...

I would gladly toss you a life preserver if I wasn't busy clinging to it. LOL!

Oh, therapeutic massage brings tears to your eyes! I used to have it done on my neck and shoulders after my car accident. Feeling your pain!

I've been trying to talk my mom into taking a day off work. Or even half a day. Or even going in an hour late. I got nothin' too.

Have fun on date night. I'm so jealous!!

Domestic Accident said...

I actually love it when they work on those knots and it hurts. I feel like I'm getting my money's worth or something.

Enjoy your date and non-chicken nugget dinner. BTW, I tagged you for a meme, but you can feel free to ignore me. Hope your week goes fast.

slackermommy said...

And January was "Moms want to slit their wrists" month. Wit snow days and illness my kids have been home a lot and it's got me going batty.

Scattered Mom said...

Here in BC we only have 1 Pro-d day, and I have to spend it taking a first aid course.

Actually I hope it really warms up in your area, I'm coming out there in March. :)