Thursday, February 07, 2008


I have issues (well that was pretty apparent wasn't it? I mean really). But even moreso during the last week. Why? Because I'm constantly stalking the tracking number for a parcel through Canada Post. Actually, I first started stalking it through USPS... THEN once it left the States, I started to follow it like a bountyhunter. I know it left Chicago and went to Mississauga, Ontario. C'mon already!!!!!!

What am I waiting for? Well you'll laugh I'm sure (for many reasons), but I'm waiting for a Pottery Barn Kids bedding set for Karis. Want to hear the story behind it? You know you do, otherwise why on earth would you keep coming back here to hear the deranged ramblings I spew out so sporadically?

I have been hounding the hubby to re-do Karis' bedroom for probably a year now. She's four now, and I thought it was time for her to have a "non-baby" room. Right now it's pink, has ballerina teddy-bears... and very baby-ish. Her bed is technically her crib that converted into a daybed. Which really... not too bad because she's short (she can fit a 2T pant for pete's sakes!), but lately she keeps getting her elbow stucks in the railing side at night, which requires me to haul my sleepy ass out of bed to detangle her at 3:00 am. So I harrassed and harrassed (this technique works wonderfully I might add), and we went out to buy her a bed, and mattresses. NOW, this is where I truly get neurotic... my search for the cutest bedding. I have been scoping out this particular set at (it's Alyssa's flower garden), and so once I got the bed on order, I set to getting this bedding for her. I get down to everything and then I'm told they won't send it to CANADA!!!! WTF? Why not? My money is just as good. But no. And we only have three Pottery Barn stores in Canada (all three are in Toronto... why does Toronto need three?). And no, they wouldn't order it for me from the States and send it to me.

I was left with little options. I could have it ordered and sent to my sister-in-laws (who I can't stand). No thanks... I'd rather decorate my kid's room with burlap sacks. I look into having a friend purchase and send it, but it would cost WAY too much after double shipping. Then I go on Ebay (I usually try to steer clear), but I find this woman that actually owns a children's linens business and she happens to have this exact bedding, for about $100.00 cheaper than the website pricing. PERFECT!!! So I buy it, she sends it, and now I'm waiting for it.

The reason why I'm being a total spaz is because I've been burnt SO MANY FREAKIN' TIMES on Ebay. I'd refer you to the illustrious case of the Louis Vuitton purse (but I'm not even going there - it still pisses me off) and the counterfit "Beauty and the Beast" DVD's I ordered (I hope I never get a knock on the door by the Fed's). So hopefully this is legit and my faith in Ebay can be restored. Not only that, I have the whole theme of Karis' room mapped out and all the little things I want to do with it to make it "perfect" (a.k.a my sensationalized version of children's rooms that look like the rooms in the magazines). I have a bit of a problem as you can tell - I'm a decorating freak. I love to make things unique and take a lot of time and put a lot of energy into making it EXACTLY how I want it. For instance, I have already bought a wooden stepstool for Karis (she's short remember) and have hand-painted it to match the bedding and the room theme. See - I told you I have problems!!

Anyways, I have to run.... Hopefully it doesn't come down to my mail carrier filing a restraining order from me. I promise once I get the bedding, I'll get normal as I get again.


Anonymous said...

Pottery Barn does have the cutest bedding for kids. And I love ebay!! I'll have to keep that in mind when Jacey needs new bedding.

I've been stalking a package too (from ebay, even). I harassed (and harassed) for a double stroller. It arrived today. Yay!

Maddy said...

I'm too much of a wimp to use ebay as I already get lots of scary, fake junk mail from them.

I've ordered from Pottery Barn before and had a very good experience. You might even be able to track it's progress to your home on line!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my daughter's room is in the pink island surfer gear from Pottery Barn. I love it. I'm thinking of moving in. Their stuff is totally cute.

I've only had one bad experience on eBay and I've ordered alot. I must be really lucky. Your stories scare me. But not enough to stop me.

Jolene said...

OMG! I just googled that set - how adorable. I love the colors. You should definitely post a photo of her room when you're finished.

I need to redo my girls' rooms also. Ashley will be 7 and Morgan will be 5 and they still have their nursery themes. Luckily they haven't complained yet.

Actually, to tell the truth, taking those borders and accessories down will make it all too real for me. My babies aren't babies anymore :(

tulipmom said...

I love the Alyssa set! I have been spending quite a bit of time on the Pottery Barn Kids website lately as I'm trying to find bedding for our old queen sized bed which we had temporarily put in the baby's room (before it was going to be the baby's room) and have now decided to leave in there. The problem is trying to find something that coordinates with the baby bedding I already have and isn't a fortune.

Anyway, I totally get the obsession with decorating.

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