Sunday, December 03, 2006


AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, there it is. The reason behind my very aggrivated and annoyed mood. THAT my friends is the dreaded retaining wall holding back the ridge of the property we bought in April. Did I mention that the section of the wall collapsed 1 DAY BEFORE the scheduled digging of my house? Oh yes... because you know everything is coming up Elle! 30 feet tall - engineered by the biggest idiots this side of the Canadian Shield.

So the deal was the engineers would tear down that section and rebuild it - good as new - wonderbar! Not as easy. First they said it would be done in October, and then November 1st, then November 15th and then end of November and now they are saying end of December. Any takers it's not going to be done anytime in 2006? I finally called up the developers and asked what exactly the problem was. I was advised they took down a larger section to rebuild and that weather was being a problem. Apparently they can't compact if it's -10 or below. OK people I live in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta - you do the temperature math please. So THEN he tells me that if they can't get it done by the end of December they will have to shut down the project and start up in the spring. THE SPRING? I'm sorry but this house has been nothing but a pain in my keister since the moment we bought it. Sure it's prime real estate, the view is nuts spectacular and the house would be glorious... but how much do we have to take?

So here's the new deal... if the wall isn't repaired and the project delayed til spring, we are thinking about calling it a day and pulling out of the contract (which we can do I think). We figure if it's this much trouble - it's just not worth it anymore. Some may say someone is trying to tell us something - you know it would've been a lot easier if he had someone buy the lot from under us instead of dealing with all this bullshit! Anyways, stay tuned for another installment of "why crappily made retaining walls collaspe." I have a feeling the ending is drawing to a near people.

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