Thursday, December 14, 2006


Somehow I don't think Disney would ever do a movie with that title. An epic tale of a 4 year old girl who spends the entire day throwing up around my house. Now here in my house, not a tale so epic. It's just one of those things that christen being a mother. Jenna woke up with a stomach bug. Apparently threw up in her bed unbeknowst to me. So I got to do two loads of linens, plus clothing and a few stuffed animals.

After that, she threw up like clockwork every hour. Very hard when you are trying to hydrate your kid. Nothing was staying down! Attempts to give her crushed up gravol tablets in juice came back up quicker than they went down. She did snooze on the couch for an hour. My couch covered with one of those plastic mattress covers. Let me just say; very glad the main level of my house is entirely hardwood flooring!!
So finally at 5:30 I got some Gravol into her and so far (knock on wood) no more vomit! I'm hoping this is the end. I'm just tired!! Plus we have a dinner date with friends tomorrow night at a fancy restaurant. It's been planned for weeks and I even bought a nice dress for the occassion. I'll be so bummed if we have to cancel on them.

So cross your fingers that my darling is done vomiting her poor little head off. I can only hope it is quaranteened to her.... God forbid the other two should start up!


nancy said...

Oh dear....I certainly hope all is well in your house soon...and clean too.

nancy said...

Can I ask if the Gravol helped?