Sunday, December 17, 2006


I don't say that "worst possible week-end" as an over-exageration either. I mean I've been known to over-exagerate from time to time but that's pretty much accurate for describing the last 3 days.

Friday was okay. Went out to a lovely dinner with friends sans kids. Had a wonderful time. Did I mention on the way there I saw a guy on the c-train mooning us from his window? Lovely. Our meal took forever and a day to serve, but that's what you get when they also have 2 Christmas parties they are cateering. Even so, great steak. Did I mention on the way to the parking lot, we saw a guy pick up a hooker? Not a word of a lie. Did I also mention when we left the parking lot he dropped her off just where he found her? Must not have liked the terms of the agreement. That or she was really a he.

On the way home, I started to feel off. Like indigestion. I figured too many rich foods...take some Tums when I get home. By midnight I was puking in my bathroom sink. And I pretty much stayed put for the entire night and most of the next morning and all that afternoon. So guess who caught Jenna's flu? Oh did I mention Kierra also started to vomit about 3 hours after me? Like a sailor I tell you. Hung her head over the side of the bed and let loose on the carpet. Poor hubby, he got to tend to her. About 5am, the twins were up so he brought them downstairs where Kierra continued to puke. As did I. By 9am, I was so dehydrated, I had about 4 consecutive charlie horses in my calves (seriously), and couldn't keep a thing down. Had to cancel my hair appointment (can't puke and get high lights you know), but the worst was I couldn't go with Jarrett for our appointment to have our sweetie Roper put to sleep. I can't really talk about it more than that. He went peacefully though, and he no longer hurts. Us, on the other hand, can't say the same. We've lost someone special in our family.

Saturday filled with more of my incessant vomiting, plus add Jenna back into there. Finally Kierra stopped though. Poor Jarrett is a wreck - tired plus a traumatized day. I'm useless. Can't even open a bottle of water for lack of energy. Plus have the chills constantly. Slept until 11am Sunday morning. Every muscle in my body aches. But hey, not puked in a while (knocks on wood). We had to cancel our dinner with our friends to help them celebrate Hannukah. Second year in a row we got ill and had to cancel. Must be the devote Orthodox in me trying to keep me in line(that is a joke btw). Felt so badly. First the twins miss their school xmas party, then this. We did let the girls open their gifts early though, since we are flying to the folks for Xmas. Jenna was delighted with her My Little Pony Castle, Kierra was instant smiles with her talking Dora house and Karis was tickled pink with her Little Pet Shop amusement park. Plus they got some barbies and other things. My sweet hubby bought me a brand new Sony digital video camera to replace the old one that went kaput.

So now I sit here with severe stomach cramps from what's left of the flu. Trying not to think of my dog, and hoping that the kids are done being sick, and that Karis doesn't contract it since she's made it this far. Hopefully the rest of the month goes a lot better than this.


Anonymous said...

Feel better, my chick-a-dee!!

Sorry for ALL of your pains... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

nancy said...

OMG that is horrible...I wish you all a barf-free holidays. So sad about your dog.

We are starting the pukefest here - twin B started last night, no one else has it....yet (being key word).

Hang in, hope you are on the mend.