Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well it is official - my baby brother is getting married!! Very exciting news around our neck of the woods. Rob and Erin have been dating for 3 years... so it was inevitable that they would make it official. Secretly, I've known that the ring was in the works for a while now. Just was waiting to get the call.

Erin is a wonderful girl! She has definately made a lot of positive changes in Rob. I think they are a super cute couple too!!! Plus Erin is great with kids. They aren't getting married until late summer of 2008, but that's ok because they are graduating university that spring. See - they are in love and practical at the same time! Believe me, getting married mid-semester is stressful (lol). Our whole family is delighted to have her join our family.

Congratulations Rob and Erin!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Weddings are so wonderful, especially when it is between 2 people who you KNOW are so committed to each other. I haven't been to a good wedding in YEARS! I hope all the plans work out well! And I am thrilled that you are getting such a great new sister!