Wednesday, January 03, 2007


This picture I posted has absolutely nothing to do with this posting... but when you are at a loss for your fleeting sanity, you post whatever the hell you find floating around on your JPEG files.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, might as well just come out and say it... the developers of the property we bought LAST April are complete morons. Recap: Bought spectacular property in April, 2006, Designed my own house which is totally awesome and got all of it approved in June, 2006. Day before house was supposed to be dug, 40 foot retaining wall collaspes in an section. People this was a WHILE ago. We are talking August. Since then it has been "yadda yadda yadda" when the wall would be repaired. It is now January, 2007 and *shock* the wall is still under construction.

I had called the owner of the development company back in the begining of December. He fed me some crap about the weather being an issue. I would say the greater issue is them not having enough machines and people out there. I mean one compactor and one backhoe? WTF? For a high priority project, that seems pretty low-scale to me. So we refused to go out there until after the New Year. We went on January 1st and do you think that wall is done? NOOOOOO. So we call our builder who says, "It's scheduled for completion in two weeks; before January ends." Hubby told him I don't think so, and then also told him when I talked to the developer, they told me that they would have to shut the project down until spring once January came (Jan and Feb are our cold months). So hubby told him he's not getting his second payment as scheduled. Needless to say we have an appointment to go see him this Saturday. I'm sure it'll be very informative. @@

So I know people keep asking WHYYYYYYYYYY don't you pull the plug and run. Well my friends, there are several reasons. #1: We are locked into a contract, #2: The price is locked on our house, it cannot be inflated with rising costs of materials. Did I mention that our house is a phenominal deal right now? #3: We could not pull out and build this same house for the price it's locked at now. Calgary is totally insane in property prices. #4: I still don't have my school district redesignated for our sub-division and it still stands as the inner-city school. Sorry but no thanks. I'm not having my children attend a school that is next to a high school with a reputation for drugs. #5: The private school is $7,000.00 per kid a year. And I have twins starting next fall. #6: The view is totally spectacular. I mean seriously, it's insane how beautiful it is. This doesn't mean we still might not try to get out of the contract. We have a loophole and will use it if necessary. Builder doesn't know that but actually, he'd be screwed if we played that trump card. Goes to show: Don't give us paperwork with a promised date of completion. If he can build a house in less than 7 months, and hasn't started it yet, kuddos to him. Highly unlikely. I will post after our meeting though. Should be interesting.

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