Monday, January 15, 2007


Ah, nothing like lying in your awesome bed eating chips with your husband, watching t.v. on a Saturday night. Until you hear the distinctive coughing of one of your children. You know that sound ... how can you not? Heard it 4 times since she was born. Sure enough, go into the twins' room and Jenna is barking like a seal. J and I looked at each other, sighed collectively and said, "Croup." Look out the window to see blustery snow, and it's COOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDD outside. I use the excuse I've never driven to the new children's hospital before. J volunteers graciously to take her. So at midnight off they go to the ER ... again... to treat Jenna's croup... again.

So they get there, no wait thank goodness. Yes in fact she's croup. The nurse asks if her color is always like this. J replies, "pasty? Yes she's always that way." They have a good laugh and try to give her the liquid steriod. For some reason, Jenna holds it in her mouth but won't drink it down. They can't figure it out. It doesn't taste vile or anything. Finally they give her some juice to wash it down and presto, med's are in. She's instantly better, comes home yapping away at 2:00am (doesn't she appreciate we are tired?) Yes I didn't go to the hospital, but I was up the entire time. I watched an info-mercial for Core Secrets with that Gunnar somthing-other guy that trains celebrities. Long story short, ended up ordering the work-out DVD. I figure; something to do and I could use the exercise. Thank goodness I wasn't watching something more expensive right?

Woke up the next morning, 3 kiddos and J made me breakfast in bed!!! Sweet huh? Karis ate most of my omelette. She's a big mooch. Jenna is crabby all day, as we drag her to buy carpet for the basment, and to Home Depot for painting supplies. Go to Burger King where she constantly complains that she's tired (no kidding, you got 5 hours of sleep the night before). We settle down for a nice sleep last night and at around midnight what do I hear? Miss Jenna barking again. UGH seriously. I dragged her into bed with us, to keep an eye on her. She was fine, but don't ever sleep with a Jenna. They kick, and they cling to you like velcro, and even though they are about 35 pounds, they take up the entirity of a queen size bed. By 3am I was done with her, and put her into her own bed. She slept the rest of the night no problems. Me, on the other hand, woke Jarrett up frantically around 5am saying he was laying on Jenna and crushing her. He thought I was mental. I probably am; I forgot I put her in her own bed. He had to tease me this morning before he left for work ... I would've done the same.

Here's hoping to a night of peaceful breathing.

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I hope everyone is feeling better over there!