Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yes that's right the *. You are probably wondering what exactly the * is. I am here to tell you. It's the little mark that tells you that look for the fine print in any offer someone is handing down to you. Often it's in 1/2 font and very tiny and you might miss it even with a high powered microscope. AHHHH but believe me, it's still there somewhere!! If you ask me it also oddly resembles an asshole... which perfectly describes the person who gave us the *.

Our builder Peter has offered us numerous times to give us a refund of the deposit we put down on our construction. Until now, we didn't really think we needed to exercise that option. But due to recent events, we found that maybe it would be good to take him up on it. After all we finally found a school for the girls nearby, we wouldn't have to move, and Kierra would still have access to her specialized services. We figure no harm, no foul... we'll take Peter's buy-out... simple. WRONG. Herein comes the * - Peter tells hubby he'd be MORE than happy to refund the money MINUS THE EXPENSES ACRUED TO DATE!!! So we figure how much could that possibly be? Oh to the tune of $25,000.00!!! Don't adjust your glasses. He figures he deserves $25,000.00 for doing absolutely nothing!! He says it for blueprints and permits. OK, he owns the blueprints, I have no rights to them - so why am I paying for them? The permits are in HIS name, for a house he'll build with or without us, and we are expected to pay? I don't think so.

So basically everything seeming so easy had a * catch to it. He thinks we should walk away from the $25,000.00 for our "peace of mind" while we think he's hit the crackpipe one too many times. We told him that we won't be walking away from the house then... he can build it if he wants to force our hand. So now he's deliberating over it with his partner as to whether we get the "FULL" refund he actually proposed to us. All I have to say is he's a real *.

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Maria said...

Oh...been there. I am SO sorry. This just sucks...

Nice blog, by the way.