Thursday, January 04, 2007


OK, as a parent, we all have these moments when our hearts stop beating and try to jump out of our chests. Yesterday was a prime example of said moment.

I was visiting a friend and we were sitting having tea while the girls were playing in the playroom. Doesn't it sound lovely? Teatime and lovely adult conversation? Apparently the bliss of the moment was something much too foreign because it was abruptly interupted by the huge bang and screaming of one of my children. I had no clue what had happened until my friend said, "OMG, Karis just went downstairs on that rocking horse!" I just about pooped my pants! Apparently the babygate on the stairs wasn't closed so Karis slyly went upstairs, got the rocking horse out of a bedroom, dragged it to the top of the stairs and rode it down!!!! I know - visual would be unbelievable but glad I didn't actually witness it. She made it down the entire curved stairs, hit the hardwood at the bottom and slid into the kitchen, where she collided with the island and finally fell off to hit her head!!!
That horse was still right-side-up!!!!

Don't worry - she's completely fine. She has a bump on her forehead, which I think was getting off extremely lucky!! She cried and then asked for a cup of juice. I thank God nothing worse happened. I mean that was a pretty crazy stunt!! Would you be surprised to learn her father did the same thing, at the same age, with a plastic tractor? Genetics I tell you - can't escape them!!! Gotta wonder though .... what was she thinking going down those stairs?

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that your baby girl is ok! What a stinking rush! And a heart attack!

I think I need to buy that girl a helmet!