Sunday, January 07, 2007


Happy third birthday to my baby girl!! I can't believe she is 3 years old!! How can that be?

We had a great party for her today. She picked Strawberry Shortcake as her theme. Can I just say I couldn't find ANYTHING for it? I had to handmake paper strawberries and hang them around. The things we do for the kids huh?

She must think she's more mature. When I told her it was time for her nap, she told me, "No nap, it's my birthday!" Sorry kiddo - that doesn't work that way! But after naptime, she donned her pretty peach dress, and welcomed her guests! Kids had a great time, great presents. We scarfed down pizza and cake - yummy!!!

When I put her to bed, I could remember 3 years ago lying in the hospital bed with her sleeping on my chest. Dark hair fuzzy and soft. So amazing how they change and how quickly. I don't miss the painful recovery from the c-section (LOL), but I do miss those first quiet hours by ourselves where all I could hear was her breathing and think, "I'm so lucky to have you."


nancy said...

She is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

I can not believe that she is 3 already. What a little princess!