Tuesday, January 23, 2007

School Dazed

I never quite understood how stressful it could be trying to enroll your children in Kindergarten. I don't know why I thought it would be something easy peasy. Anyways I digress before I even start...

So hubby and I found out that there is a school nearby that is not in our designated zone, but is accepting children for Kindy from our area. So of course, we call about it and find out that in fact it is true!! This would have been a wonderful tidbit to know about say last April. So hubby and I have been deliberating about a lot of things: A) Do we just move to the new house whenever it is ready and enroll the kids there (I drive them 80 min's every day), B) Do we keep them in the school they attend for JK right now, and then transfer mid-semester, or C) Do we take out the buy-out option from the builder, stay here and enroll the twins in this school?

So after a course of long deliberations we decided that it might be in the best intersts of Kierra especially, if we keep all our options open. While we'd love to integrate her into a typical class, what happens if she's not ready next fall? She'll lose her funding from her specialized program and then what? If we stay in this house, she can go to either school. So we talked to the principal who assured us that a specialist from the Board of Education would do an evaluation to determine if Kierra is ready to attend an integrated program. If not, she can go to Kindy at her same school, and Jenna goes to the new school. If shes' ready, both twins are signed up for the afternoon program!! I would have to drive less than 10 minutes to get them there (far better than the total 80 at the new place). SOOOOOOO all that's left to do is talk to the builder and hope he honors his offer of the buy-out. We should know by the end of the week. Personally, I'm happy that the stress is almost a thing of the past. All things aside, we can build a house any time. But doing right by our kids is something we can do only once. Hopefully we made the right decision.

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