Wednesday, July 25, 2007



So my intimate cruise for two to Baja has now become party of four and very un-intimate cruise to Baja. Care to know the gory details? Ah I knew I'd peek your interest my pretties!!! This is why you come here no? To get the nitty gritty on my so-called life.

So right after we booked, Jarrett went to a poker game with some friends of ours. You know how it is: they let their guts hang out, talk about their wives, and most likely watch porn as they play Texas Hold Em ... basically dare to act in the most extreme opposite way they possibly could when out of the delicate earshot of women who could make their lives miserable. I can't blame them - let's face it. Not all about the trip to Vancouver was divulged. He would have a tad of a coronary I'd think. Anyways, Jarrett mentions to our friend and neighbor we are going on this fabulous cruise in October. No biggie - it wasn't exactly a secret. They themselves were planning on renting a house in Mexico in January. Sharing vacation plans - it's just something we always do.

Fast forward a few days: they are coming with us now. At first I was a little put off. I honestly didn't think they would come when we first started to talk about it. I mean I was just being courteous at first, saying yes it would be fun if we all went. No of course I wouldn't feel like they were imposing. After all they are our friends; and I didn't want to hurt them by saying we'd rather this be a two-some trip. Jarrett pointed out it wouldn't be so bad. I mean he was sure they'd do their thing and we could do ours, and we'd meet up at points to hang together. I said okay, I guess that's not bad. We can still have a romantic time. And so yes, they decide to book with us as well. It's fine really ... it'll still be fun.

Then she drops a bomb: she books the room RIGHT BESIDE US!! Ummmm okay. Jarrett agrees this creeps us out a tad. I mean it's not like they are in the same room, but lets face it. If you are having some loud, raunchy sex - you don't want the people you live next door to, to hear you. There is something to say for space. Well apparently not for them! She then tells me her travel agent said if she could get our booking number, she could book us together for everything!

Say what now?

I surrender this information. What else can I do? It's a classic scenario of being between a rock and a hard place. Too bad it wasn't more confined and didn't squish my head.

I'm not exactly one of those people that would say, "Whoa now!" Like I said, I'm kinda a sucker and I don't like to hurt people's feelings. Jarrett says well dinner arrangements would be okay, since we'd have to sit with 4 total strangers otherwise. I agree with this, saying ok - no biggie. Then she calls Jarrett last night to ask him if he wants to do something with her hubby on a shore excursion so that way we can do something "girly." We only have two ports of call: Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas. No offense to them, but I kinda wanted to do something with my hubby. This vacation wasn't to divide and conquer... it was to spend some relaxing time together sans kids. I suddenly feel like my entire vacation has been hi-jacked. Jarrett told her that we already had some excursions in mind and that we would be doing one of those. Implying if they wanted they could join us, but we aren't doing our "own" thing. I personally think he took the wind out of her sails. Sorry kiddo - but you know that's what we had planned from the get-go. Hell I'd even go marlin fishing with the man. I just want to spend some time with him.

Jarrett assures me it will be okay. It just feels like the ideology of our trip has really changed. I do enjoy our friends company (don't get me wrong; they can be a TON of fun). But part of me feels we need to address this just so we get some guidelines in place now. They are an enthusiastic bunch (could ya tell???) but at the same time, we have our own ideas of what we want out of this vacation. Could someone please send me a hostage negotiator????


weatherchazer said...

I totally understand how you're feeling- I had a night out planned for hubby and I. Just dinner and a movie, but we hardly ever go anywhere, just the two of us. I look up and here comes three of his friends. They tag, I become the fifth wheel. I quit trying to make dates for us.

JaniceNW said...

Tag. You're it. Please see my blog.

Noemi said...

Ok Plan to take action. I get you that they are friends and it would be cool to have dinner with them and all but the room next door is just creepy for me. I would call the travel agent and upgrade the room to a different category and not say a word. Shh Mums the word

And then just tell them that you have no clue why they upgraded you!

And beleive me you can get lost on those cruises!

Elle said...

There is no more upgrades.. I'm in the penthouse suite of the ship. That's as good as you get :(

Anonymous said...

My husband does that too...A family vacation turns out to be a group outing...I hate that.

Catwoman said...

I'm sure there are other suites though, so I'd just get your room number changed and not tell her anything and then when you show up tell her you don't know why you're in the next room anymore, but hey, at least you won't have to hear each other snore!

And like someone else said, those are really big boats, so you can easily say to them at some point in the trip "hey, why don't we meet you guys for drinks at four, we're so excited to be spending time just the two of us, that we're going to escape for a few hours."

Surely they'll understand!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I was almost in this situation with our upcoming weekend away. Mr. Mayhem mentioned it to a coworker and, next thing you know, they were coming. I casually as I could...(to the wife) that I was really looking forward to some alone time with MM and how we NEVER get to talk with the kids running around. I even joked about us "never getting out of bed". LUCKILY, she saw the point and I was able to weasel out of it without hurt feelings.

I realize that is not an option here...BUT you can use the "need alone time with the hubs" to get...well, just that!

Good luck! NO dividing and conquering is allowed on a romantic getaway! Do you want me to call this woman? (hee-hee)

tulipmom said...

Booked the room next door? That is creepy and just plain weird.

Downgrade your room if you need to (although that would definitely piss me off) .... whatever it takes to get some privacy.

Can you plan in advance to meet for dinners/shows and maybe one excursion and then the rest of the time you two just do your own thing?

Em said...

Yikes, they do seem very enthusiastic and so excited about sharing with you that they've entirely overlooked the fact that you might want some time alone. And I guess they don't anticipate that they'll be having loud sex so they don't mind being right next door. But there has to be some way to carve out some time with hubby or you're gonna come home feeling disappointed in the whole outing.

k8 said...

oooooooooooooh that makes me mad just reading it!!!

TK the Shrink said...

Wowzers! (remember inspector gadget?! loved him..ok back to subject) That's insane!! I'm blunt to the point of hurting people's feelings, but if I weren't I would just change my room and explain that as excited as I am about them being there too, I'd just be more comfortable not sharing a wall with someone who was part of my "at home" life. Good luck!!!