Monday, July 09, 2007


Nothing like watching hundreds of pounds of untamed animal throw a cowboy in the dirt. LOL. We went to the rodeo - which was something else!! It's always amazed me how any human being would think it's a good idea to sit on a 1,800 lb bull and hope he lives another day. Then again - such is the spirit of the Wild West!!! We had a great time!!!! The show afterwards in the evening was great. Indian hoop dancers, Circ de Soleil acts - it was a real show-stopper!!! The weather was great. Beats last year where the rain pounder us and killed my cowboy hat. The best line of the day came when one of the bulls would NOT leave the stadium. I mean he was hell-bent on standing where he was, and no lasso or cowboy was making him go anywheres. So finally the announcer quipped, "Hey this bull is just like Paris Hilton." The other announcer says, "Paris? What do you mean?" And he retorts, "Paris didn't want to go into the pen either!"

I must also say there is absolutely nothing emasculating about a cowboy wearing pink. The theme for Stampede this year was Breast Cancer Awareness (which I think is an awesome cause). The catch phrase was "Are you tough enough to wear pink?" Apparently a lot of men are!!! There were men in pink shirts, bandannas, and hats. Women of course were donning the color as well... including myself. I bought a hot pink cowboy hat which I proudly wore!! The first night, they raised $140,000.00 to donate to cancer research! Now that's great!! I personally think next year they should do Autism awareness. I have half a mind to write to the President of Stampede and give him this suggestion.

I did find out the deal about deep fried coke? Are you ready for this because I don't think you are!!! It was NASTY!!! They basically take batter, drizzle it with coke syrup and then deep fry it. It amounts to a cup of twisty looking deep-fried worms. I'm thinking worms would've tasted better. Jarrett wasted $5.00 - he threw it in the garbage almost immediately. That's ok - I lost $5.00 in video poker later on in probably less than 10 minutes. Of course I had to sample "Those Little Donuts". Oh you know what I'm talking about!!! LOL. YUM!!!

On a happy note, my in-laws left this morning. I feel envious of those of you that truly enjoy your in-laws. Really I do. My father-inlaw INSISTS on reading newspaper articles out loud, even if you have no interest in hearing them!! I could be watching t.v. and he's telling me something about dingos in Africa. That and he's constantly asking what building are. How should we know? It's a city of over 1 million people - and we don't make it our business to know every street address and building! GAH!!!!!! Mother-in-law is more discrete. She likes to make innuendos as jabs at you. I just don't bite anymore - it's not worth it. It's like whatever I say, she'll find opposition to. Needless to say - they are gone... my sanity (what's left of it) can now mend itself and be restored. Besides, I'm going on mommy's vacation on Friday (which they told me to behave on - yes because I'm going to have crazy adultry sex and come home pregnant with some bastard child @@). I'm too psyched to let this last week sit badly with me!!

Anyways, I thought you might enjoy some pictures of us donning our cowboy gear. I particularly enjoy the girls hats. They are true rodeo princess fashion!


Catwoman said...

I'm so glad you're back! I was getting worried!

I love your pink cowgirl hat!

And I'm glad your in-laws are gone! Mine live 10 mn from us, so luckily, we never have to put up with a week-long visit from them! :)

Lainey-Paney said...

Glad the inlaws are gone.
Glad you guys had fun at the Rodeo!

And fried coke does sound nasty.
they have fried everything at the state fair...and i'm sure it all sucks.

know what's good though??? Fried Macaroni & Cheese at the Cheesecake Factory. It's OMG good.


Scattered Mom said... laws are nasty. :)

My step daughter is always trying to get us to come to the Calgary Stampede, but we haven't yet. Crowds really aren't my thing.

On the other hand, we are making our way over there in August. Jake wants to see Heritage Park again, but I'm not sure what we'll do.

Em said...

You're looking good in the hat!

I've been to rodeos and just never understood what would make a person sit on a bull and hope to live. But I'm glad you had a grand time. And glad the in-laws are on the road again.

tulipmom said...

The girls look adorable in their hats but I especially like the pic of you and Jarrett. LOVE the pink cowgirl hat!

I totally understand about the in-laws. It's taken me a long time not to let those little innuendoes get under my skin, but I'm learning.

Glad to hear you two had fun!

You should definitely write to them about raising $$ for autism.

Noemi said...

Love the hats! Your girls look so cute!

Ahh in-laws! I can totally understand. I have to deal with them 2-3 time a year and because they are divorced it adds up to 4-6 times per year for a minimum of 1 week!

Glad you are back!

Anonymous said...

LOVE those hats...

Anonymous said...


Glad you survived the outlaws. Yowza.

And you and your crew look downright rootin-tootin!


Jackie said...

Love, love, love the hats!!

Jackie said...

P.S. totally think you should get a hold of them about raising money towards Autism awareness. It can't hurt to ask!

Slackermommy said...

You are a lovely family. I have always wanted to go to a rodeo, especially after reading this post.

I've got wacky inlaws also. My hubby is one of ten kids. His parents passed away long before I came around but three of his sisters have done a great job of filling the MIL role.

Anonymous said...

Elle~ It's Janet! I changed locations and I don't think you know that...I'm here now.

Sorry if I confused ya!

ELLE said...

ROFL OOOPS!! Well I feel like my hat was on too tight now!!

Jolene said...

Great photos. I pity you with having to host your inlaws that long. I would cry. One day is too long for me. My MIL is a bitter, pouty woman and my FIL is just so odd.

Your FIL sounds like my dad in that my father talks and talks and talks about any given subject. He drives people nuts and he can't read body language suggesting that he please stop soon. I've heard the same stories a million times already. Oh well. My mom isn't much of a conversationalist, so he saves it for the rest of us :)

Burg said...

Your girls get cuter with every picture!

Jennifer said...

Hi Elle!! Thanks for stopping by to visit me today! :) Your girls are just beautiful! How old are they?
Love the picture of you and your hubby, cute! :)
I'll be back to visit again! :)

Mom not Mum said...

Sounds like the rodeo was fun. Tucson has a rodeo every year - in fact it's a 4 day weekend in February and the kids get out of school and all of that.

---Is that your wedding ring sliding down your finger - time to get it resized before it's gone for good chicky!

Lene said...

Oh you look so sassy in your pink hat! Yeehaw! ;)

The deep fried coke sounds so bad..I felt my arteries harden as I read it.

In-laws....we could write a book full of bad stories about them.

Glad they are gone

TK the Shrink said...

I was watching The Early Show and they were up there about the rodeo. I briefly wondered if you were there in the background somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooh, photos, I love them. What a great looking family. You had the in-laws????? Oh hun, you need a chocolate vacation now then! Have a great week!

Taylor_Blue said...

We went to the Stampede on Sunday. We are going to Heritage Park later this month. I live a hop and jump from there. Did you try the deep fried coke??? I was way to scared....