Monday, February 05, 2007


Okay on a serious note: It is always a good idea to consider your breast healthy. I think a lot of women tell their doctos they do their monthly self-checks but honestly now... how many of you are fibbing just so you don't get the speech? OK OK, I'll admit, I'm not always on top of it. I mean I do every so often but not as often as I should. And on a more serious note... the woman in the picture up top... she must have had some morphine before she took that picture, because NO ONE is happy to see the dreaded mammogram machine. I have it on good authority to make that statement.

Long story short: I have a family history of some crazy breast cancer. I also have very cystic breasts. So last week I went for an ultrasound on the girls to make sure everything looked good. I had to take Karis with me. She decided she had to show the technician her boobies as well (LOL Moment). We all agreed they were probably ok. After the scan, the doctor said they looked negative (great news), but let's just get an old titty-squeeze to be on the safe side. It wasn't the first one I've had; because I had a baseline about 2 years ago; at the age of 29. Did I mention I get pain in mine? PITA totally but it makes me paranoid thus the early scan recommended. So we get to the room, and I swear to God, the woman administering it was trying to re-enact some form of torture or something. I don't have the hugest chest, a full B cup, but she crammed those puppies in there. After my mom told me they got my lymph in there too; but I could have screamed at her when she did the compressions. I was told it should be uncomfortable but never be painful...kay that was painful!!!!!!!!!!! I tried not to make a fuss since I had Karis with me, but she must've thought it didn't look right either because she told us, "No dank you boobies please." Yeah kid, I don't blame you!!! Did I mention I was probably the only woman in there that wasn't in menopause? LOL they all looked at me like, "What on earth are you doing here?" One old gal couldn't even figure out where she was best I could tell. I'm hoping for her sakes, having boobs to your knees means the compression isn't as uncomfortable.

Well they said it looked fine, final results in 3 days to my doctor. I tried not to give the mammographer a dirty look when I left the building. I mean I know it's her job but sheesh!!!!! I was so sore the next three days, it felt like pregnancy breasts! BUT even in spite of it all I just have to say the discomfort of it is worth it. I rationalize this because I think would I rather have sore boobs for a few days, or have them removed and have my hair fall out from chemo? Not a hard decision when you look at it from that standpoint is it? So to all of you that are in that age bracket that haven't gone (but know you should have by now), or anyone with a family history of it, especially if it's your close relative like mom or sis; get your boobs in there and get your mammi!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Just got another clean bill of boobie health from the titty twister here. This was my second. And I totally AGREE, it HURTS.

Wishing you well on the results, but I have a feeling that those perky things are JUST