Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I have fully recovered from my internal injuries sustained from the Gymboree expedition last week! Not to mention, I had my daughter's photos done wearing one of the outfits that caused so much bloodshed. The photo shoot was AWESOME. I had a friend who is a photographer take them, and I have to say, she did a wonderful job!!! Not to mention I got a CD of 80 photos that have all been touched up, and she's only charging me $2.00 per sheet I order - WHAT A DEAL!!! Last year I took the kids to Kidsphoto. The sitting fee was cheap, but each sheet was $28.00 (ya you read right - $28.00). HOWEVER, the pictures were phenomenal. Besides, I was sick of the slack-jawed yokels at Wal-Mart who barely even knew how to center a picture, or the teenagers at Sears who seemed more interested in text messaging than taking a picture. Anyways, I will post a few of those new pictures.

Friday, Jarrett surprised me with a new Blackberry to replace my own cell phone. The battery was dying on it, and you know, it's always nice to have something that is so complicated you can't possibly figure it out on your own. I have managed thus far to put in addresses, phone numbers and fill up my calendar. I was pretty happy to get it though. Although my hub's jokingly tells me I'm turning into one of those text-nerds that gets carpel tunnel's from trying to spell with those tiny keys. So what? I guess he doesn't like my claw-like hands?

This past week-end, me and the hubs went out on our first date since August. We finally got a respite worker to replace Sara, our last one who left the Province in hopes of full-filling her dream of owning her own clothing store. Alas, this left us in the lurch, since we aren't exactly going to have a thirteen year old come and babysit for us. Cue Deanna, who actually was Kierra's old case worker. She's decided to pick up some respite hours on the side, so we were more than happy to snap her up!!! So we went out, ran some errands, went perusing at a jewelry store for my 10 year anniversary band (just to give hubby an idea), and then out for a spectacular dinner. I had a Bellini, calamari, and this chicken with Bearnaise sauce, asparagus and scallops. Not to mention this dessert which was best described as an orgasm on a plate, covered with almonds. Seriously - it was THAT good!

Sunday, we decided to brave the cold mountain weather, and bundled up the kids to go sledding. Things we learnt? 1) Bundling up kids is time consuming, but even harder when you are trying to belt them into a car seat. 2) Just because your kids have snow pants on, the warmth of them doesn't miraculously offer you any protection as you wear a pair of work-out pants and a pair of sweats over top. 3) It's funny as hell to watch your one kid ditch the other to pull the sled up the hill. 4) It's not so funny when you have to pull your kid up the hill ON the sled. And last but not least 5) When two parents go down on the same sled you are going to go REALLY fast, hit bumps exceptionally hard, and your husband is going to pull the same number as your youngest and ditch you to pull the sled up the hill. The kids were tired out, which was part of the plan.

Monday, I did my first in-class volunteer at the twins kindy class. Usually I'm the annoying person that calls the other parents to tell them to get their asses in there and put in the time they PROMISED on the blue sheet I have on my desk. Well I got an offer to watch Karis, so I went in. It was interesting to say the least. I was surprised to see how well Kierra really does sit and listen... if only she did that at home LOL. But it was kind of neat to see how she acts in a classroom. Apparently she put on a show for me, because she was doing things she normally doesn't do. Nothing bad mind you, but the teachers were amused at her change in demeanor. In the evening, my husband made me get out of my bed because of his constant bitching about not having any navy dress socks. I told him yes he does. He goes on and on, incessantly about it (I think he inherited this trick from the mother-in-law). So I get out of the bed, look in the drawer as he goes downstairs to the laundry room still complaining in an obvious loud voice. Sure as shit what do I find? THREE pairs of navy socks. I go to the landing and yell down "Way to look dear! What's this? Why it's NAVY socks" (and muttered dumb shit under my breath). Too bad the house has really good acoustics. Oh well. Don't get me out of bed for socks that are in plain sight. So he looks at them and declares that they are black. No they aren't. I put them up against black pants. He then says "these aren't socks, they are pantyhose". Um huh? He says they are too thin, these are pantyhose. OK, first off, they aren't pantyhose. They are men's dress socks. They are thin but they aren't made by Secret. My mother bought them for him for Christmas for his stocking, and I KNOW my mother would not buy him panty hose. So I tell him, look either wear the socks, or don't wear his navy suit tomorrow and wear the tan one. He says fine, he'll wear the blue ones but he still thinks they are panty hose (sure ok dear).

After lying in bed in the dark I can't help myself and say, "You know, you might get that promotion if you let your boss get a gander at your lady hose". ROFL - I'll be surprised if he actually wore them today (he leaves at 6:30am, I'm not even up so I'm not going to look at the man's feet). And tonight, I'm going to treat myself to an one-hour massage! AH I can't wait! I'm just waiting for my hubby to get home (with his pantyhose) so I can go! Wish me relaxation vibes!


MedStudentWife said...

*roflmao*.. pantyhose !!! Go girl... man I have tears in my eyes :D

Anonymous said...

You had me at bellini.
And a Blackberry? I don't think I could get one because I'd be checking my email even more obsessively than I do now!

Noemi said...

Omigosh, not too long ago me and hubby had the same disagreemnet on Navy Blue socks. I won of course. Are all men color blind! LOL

Can;t wait to some pics of the girls.

Fratzels said...

I love it! Your hubs wore pantyhose - just let him go one thinking they are hose - it's much funnier that way.