Friday, January 04, 2008


First... Happy New Year to all!! Hope you had fun ringing in the New Year, and sending out the old in style!!!

Me? I spent it with an incurring migraine headache. Yeah I know - my cranium sucks. Thank the Lord above for the bounty of which is Axert. Without it, I might be functional the next day, but in a lot of pain. Instead, I get to walk around in the cloud defined best as medhead, but hey - at least I can stand the light of day. Just so you don't feel completely sad for me, I treated myself to a massage for one hour today. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Also, there is the potential of a family feud to start up in any given moment. Not MY family - we are talking about those in laws of mine. Let's just say they did something rather stupid, thoughtless and ignorant last summer and it's finally caught up to them. The key player being one of his sister's who innocently sent hubby an email asking if he was mad at her, because if so, she was sorry. HOWEVER, she had no clue what he could be mad about. Here's a clue dumb shit: you purposely didn't bother to invite your own brother to your baby's baptism because of something that happened 3 years ago (which you never had any business getting mad about in the first place). WE figured it out ourselves the week-end before the event, but no one told us anything, has mentioned anything about it... just went on their business. His parents don't even mention her name during the weekly phone call (probably because it gives us a window to bring it up). Instead, we decided to let the issue of how big of assholes they all are to twist in the wind a little; why bring it up? Instead it's been rather amusing watching his family dance around it so as to not cause a controversy. I guess this is what happens when the best laid out plans aren't so best laid out. We have made a point of not calling her (she's not called us either) since August. Jarrett figured she can call him if she has something to say. I guess she had nothing to say (or was scared of a potential confrontation). So when his mom on Christmas Day asked if Jarrett wanted to talk to his sister, and he said "no that's okay" - this started the ball rolling so to speak. It started with "did you two have a falling out" to Jarrett's non-commital answer, and then to his sister sending him an email to his work (he's been off since the 21st) to ask him what's up. So far he hasn't even replied to her email asking if he's mad.
I'm sure this is driving her insane - as she knows he opened the email because she gets a notice when her emails are opened. Asking my husband why he hasn't said anything yet, he replies with a smile "I just don't feel like it". Lordy - you know this is going to get very ugly, very quickly.

The thing that intrigues me is HOW IN THE WORLD she can't think this would cause a problem? I honestly don't know if they haven't figured out that we KNEW ALL ALONG about this baptism we weren't invited to. Maybe she didn't want to bring it up as a possible "pissy factor" because she's not sure if she'll be putting something out there that we weren't aware of. Or maybe she's just ignorant. Or maybe she just doesn't feel sorry at all about it. I'm going with either option 1 or 3. In any case, she won't be getting off scott free by the time Jarrett is done with her. The worst part is his whole family obviously knew about it, because NONE OF THEM said anything to us about this baptism either. Bad mistake in our books. It's essentially admitting to choosing sides to something that is utterly ridiculous.

ANYWAYS.... as you can see, my family issues are already prevalent so little into a new year. At least I'm not in Britney Spears' shoes (ugh she's got issues), but here's to hoping for better, and happier, things to come.

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Lainey-Paney said...

soooo...what happened 3 years ago that would get her panties in a wad?
(ewwww...I can't believe I just typed that phrase...It's so gross.)