Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I have to tell you all this one, because I just about bust my gutt laughing over it.

I was at the chiropractor's this afternoon with Karis. She's been with me a few times, so I didn't really think anything of it. Dr. M was massaging out my neck and Karis asked him who he was and what he was doing. He explained to her that he was trying to fix the muscles in mommy's neck to which she said VERY loudly,

"Why are you feeling up my mommy?"

Stunned silence followed by a brief look at each other of "ummmmmmm" and then I did what anyone else would do, I started to crack up laughing to break the tension. Of course Dr. M laughed too and I quipped, "Well at least she said it here and not to my husband later". Kids - honestly they really do say the worst thing at the worst time.

In other news... I noticed the other day that Kierra was picking at her foot and went to see what the hubabub was about, and she had this really gross open sore on the underside of her middle toe. In fact it look like the skin was dug out and was very fleshy (sorry graphic, gross and possible vomit-a-la-mouth). I was disturbed because A) it was very deep and B) I wasn't sure what caused it. So being the wonderful mom I am, I took her to my doctor who looked at it. He frowned and told me he thought it might be a wart that split open. Didn't know that could happen, and really I was shocked he thought it was a wart. He said it wasn't infected (which is good), and that he wanted to do three sessions of freezing it. Well see here's my problem. I'm not sure it's a wart because he didn't even sound convinced. And I really don't want to do this to her skin if I don't have to. I obviously don't have a medical degree though, so I have to rely on him. My mom said possibly Kierra was picking and digging at it, and that she picked out most of it. The only part I could see is that it looked very calloused around the edges. Well I have to take her starting next week. I'm sure it will be traumatic.... for her too.

In other traumatizing news... I called around to find a pre-school for Karis for the fall where I was informed that she could actually be enrolled for Kindergarten! KINDERGARTEN??????? Apparently as long as she is four years old before March 1, 2008 - she can start Kindy this fall. Now I thought I had another whole year before I had to think about this. I mean I thought she'd start in 2009. And of course I'm conflicted as to whether or not I should send her? Do I think she can do it? Yes. Do I think she's ready to be separated from me? I hate to admit it but yeah - she's not clingy or "my mommy". She is independent and wants to do what the twins are doing. I'll admit I'm a little depressed about it. This is my baby!!!!!!!!! Enrollment starts next Monday. I'm sure to be brewding about it all week.

So anyways, that is my last few days worth of happenings. One would hope that next week will be a bit better, however considering we are freezing off warts... I wouldn't exactly count on it.


Teri Kathleen said...

That's weird that the school has such a long cut off for Kindergarten. I thought most schools had late September cut off's. Speaking as someone who started school at 4 (my bday was a week before the cut off) I wish my parents had waited and sent me at 5. I struggled through school my entire time. Now, it's always possible I woulda anyway, but I'll never know.
Just my 2 cents worth on that subject.

Lainey-Paney said...

sounds like a plantar wart, which are very common on feet & they are all calloused around the edges, and the wart is in the center with "seed" looking things, and you can "dig" them out like it sounds like she might have done.

So---it could be that she had a plantar wart & removed the center portion, but from what I understand, you still need to have the rest excised or frozen.


poor little foot!

Elle said...

Damn it Lainey LOL - ah you are probably right. HE is probably right. I just was looking for an excuse NOT to subject her to that kind of pain. SIGH!

Fratzels said...

if you want to be absolutely certain, can you wait until it heals? if it's a wart, won't it grow back? You can have it removed when it grows back - at least this way you would know for sure.

As a former first grade teacher, I can tell you it's easy to spot the kids that start when they are 4. I hate to say it, but they just aren't ready. I always wanted my district to move the cut-off to Aug 15th.

Jessie said...

As for the kindergarten thing, younger kids tend to struggle with everything that they learn in kindergarten. Yeah, they lowered the age... but the standard of learning is VERY high for a young child. I'm giving my youngest an extra year because we struggled with my oldest... she had to take Kindergarten twice because she was the youngest in the class and just not ready to take it all on yet. Having 2+ years of preschool isn't that bad but to say I took kindergarten twice the kids look at you weird. Even if you make it a positive experience.

Good luck with the wart thing. Hopefully that's what it is... so that freezing isn't done for nothing.

Anonymous said...

I am in the field of education. I have my PhD in education and teach in a graduate education program; I also taught grade school for many years. I am also a mom to a little boy whose birthday is right before the kindergarten cut-off. There is a term for holding your child back - it is called redshirting - and despite the willingness if others to tell you what you should do, I would urge you to research it for yourself from reputable sources (see your local librarian). While there is some debate, most research agrees that any differences initially can not be seen past third grade. It is such a personal decision, make sure to consider the big picture. Ask your school district what the average age is (how many kids are starting early vs. late)...consider how either decision will impact your child not just in the early elementary years but in middle and high school...and research, research, research!! My husband and I have still not made the decision for our own son :)