Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Mostly because I took Kierra for her first wart freezing session, and it was horribly difficult to be there for!!! I used this cream that supposedly is supposed to freeze the area. I don't know if it just didn't work, or if it did but it wasn't enough, because Kierra screamed like someone was torturing her!! It took two full-grown adults to hold her down, plus the fact that she was kicking me in the neck the entire time! She kept yelling "mommmm!" and "it hurts" - I just wanted to kick the doctor, pick up my kid and run out of there!!

At the end, she was pretty pissed at Dr. D so I had to apply the band-aid myself, and then when we got to reception, she yelled "LOLLIPOP" at the receptionist LOL. They told her she could have two. I told her I'd take her to Burger King. Fun part is I get to do this again in 10 days. *Sigh* this sucks.

We decided to enroll Karis for Kindergarten this fall. We think that if she can't handle it within the first month, we'll pull her out and enroll her the following year. Makes sense. Even Kierra's psychologist told me that she thought Karis could handle it. I do appreciate all the feed-back I got though - thanks!

We have a date night scheduled for Saturday. We haven't had once since August, because our respite gal moved away. I finally found someone - actually she knows the family, the kids and used to be Kierra's team coordinator. So it works out perfectly. We're going to look at three houses, then do some shopping, and go out for dinner.

Other than that, not much else going on. I'm waiting for tomorrow because that is when I can spend the $250.00 Gymboree Gymbucks I have. Sad I know but I'm not letting those babies go to waste!!!!!!



Maddy said...

Ooo dear, we shaare so much. We're off to the wart doctor [again] today. We bought the new freezing kit [useless] This will be our fifth visit.
Best wishes

Noemi said...

Ohh I hope it gets better. And she was entitled to that second pop! LOL Stop by my blog when you get a chance....

Fratzels said...

Holy crap! That sounds terrible. I am so sorry the two of you had to endure it. Hopefully you won't have to drug her to get her to the next appointmnet!

Anonymous said...

OOoh, I'm jealous about the date. Don't look at any $2 million houses!

Hope BK continues to smooth over the wart blues. Don't french fries help everything?!

Jackie said...

Seeing one of your babies in pain is one of the hardest things ever isn't it?
Note to self: plan date night. Have fun!