Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Drama... need I really say more? It's part of this all-inclusive package we call life. Honestly, some of it is entertaining, while the rest is stress. And usually I do my best to avoid stress; especially as of late because I've been having physical stress reactions (eg: muscle twitching/spasms).

This past week has me twitching like I'm totally impulse-control free.

So story goes: my brother is getting married in August to this girl. She's fairly nice, and I get along with her relatively well. So she asked if one of my daughters would be a flower girl in the wedding. Sure I say. Emails are exchanged about flower girl dresses, nothing too outlandish. Well my sister's daughter is ALSO a flower girl and I get a call from my sister telling me that the flower girl dresses (which are actually mini-maid dresses) are around $300.00!!!! OKAYYYYYYYYYY back that thing up! There is no way in hell I'm buying a dress that is that much. Not to mention the thing is Harvest Gold (barf) and honestly... it's not like my child will ever wear this thing again.

So I send a very nice, poetic letter to the sis-in-law-to-be pointing out that I don't think the dress A) is appropriate for a six year old and B) it's a little pricey. I wait about four days to hear back and nothing. I'm a little surprised as she's usually prompt with her responses. So I call my mom and ask if she's talked to the two of them to which she replies, "Um Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". Apparently after I sent the email, my brother calls my mother blasting her about what is my problem and why is she trying to stress us out? Ummmm excuse me? First off why are you calling up mom and crying to her like a bunch of 5 year olds? If you have issues, call me directly you imbeciles. Second, I read the email to my mom, and she agreed that I wasn't confrontagious or anything. And also, that I had a good point.. to which the reply was it's not like we're going to dress our nieces like hookers OKAYYYYYYYYYYYYY, talk about getting a little carried away with one's self. No one mentioned the words "provocative", "sleazy" or "trampy" - I DID say that I thought the dresses were a little too mature for a six year old. I didn't say she would resemble one of those hooker-esque BRATZ dolls (don't get me started about those things...)

So as of now, they still haven't responded to me, and I talked to my sister who is all riled up and hormonal now about the whole thing, and the fact that she's not included in the wedding (same sister who didn't have me or my brother in HER wedding a mere 5 months ago). Again, my family - drama. Then she starts going off on how she doesn't support this wedding, and that the sis-in-law is just a bitch. I know better to feed into this until she says, "you know she criticizes your parenting".



I can't help it, I bite and she says that sis-in-law-to-be is always ragging on me and the hubby behind our backs. I ask for specifics and I get some... but to be perfectly honest she does the EXACT SAME THING in reverse with me. So it's not exactly far-fetched. So now I'm a little pissed off on top of it all. Pretty rich coming from a 22 year old that doesn't have kids. That's like Kelly Pickler trying to describe quantum physics. I don't like this little revelation, so now I'm feeling particularly bitchy about the whole flower girl dress/tattle-tale fiasco.

However, not to worry. I'm just ignoring it and going on my merry little way. To me it's not worth starting a whole family feud on, and honestly, it's my brother's decision in the end. However I don't think he'll be getting my sister's vote of support.


Maddy said...

Ooo you're bringing out the big fat meany in me. May I make a suggestion? Please?

How about you accept the dress and then put a lovely sweater / long sleeved T-shirt over the top?

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Best wishes

Maddy said...

p.s. if it's too short, maybe woolly tights might be in order or leggings, preferably in a colour that clashes!

Maria said...

I will never understand this compulsion with people to think it is cute to dress children up like tarts.

My sister's granddaughter is constantly wearing teeny tiny tops that show her midriff and she wore HEELS to Christmas dinner. She is not quite 10. She has three ear piercings.

But, I don't say a word (except to Bing) and that keeps things peaceful because you know what happens when someone talks behind someone's back. It ALWAYS gets back to the person, like it did with you.

And really, I think you are pretty rational to just let it go. Nothing pisses me off more than these young childless women who give me parenting tips....

Sunshine said...

Harvest Gold???

That sounds disgusting.

Burg said...

Yikes!! There's no way anyone in their right mind would pay that much for a child's dress to be worn once!

And don't you just HATE those Bratz dolls?? My oldest got a couple for her last birthday and I'd never let her have them. I went ahead and let her keep them, but she's not allowed to have the really slutty looking ones.. I still don't like it, but I guess there are worse things.

Noemi said...

That is INSANE! And Harvest Yellow makes it even worse. Ahh Family....

Fratzels said...

$300 for a dress for a 6 year old is insane! Not to mention the barfiness of harvest gold in a wedding.

What the hell, does a single - without children 22 year old know about parenting that she is able to say even one small thing about the way you parent? are good for not saying anything.