Sunday, May 20, 2007


I was tagged by Mommy's Getaway to do a list of 10 things I love about my life. Only ten? Then I thought about it - it's a lot harder than you'd think because you have to find your "top" ten. So giving it some thought; this is what I came up with.

10. I love that I am still close friends with my best friend from high school. I lost contact with a lot of people I used to chum around with. The one person I haven't ever lost contact with is Christy. We've been through some amazing stuff during the past almost 18 years. She's actually coming to visit for a week in a few days and I can't wait to see her. I have a lot of close friends, a lot of whom I think of more like sisters. I think it's great to be able to say you have strong people in your life that you count on, and respect.

9. That I'm able to be a stay at home mom. I hate that people think it's a cop out to be a SAHM; that it's not a meaningful job. Of course it is!! How could it not be?? I'm lucky I get to spend these precious years with my kids. I hope they feel blessed like I did for having my mom at home when I was growing up.

8. That I live in a area that probably provides the best services imaginable for Kierra. To be honest, Alberta is probably one of the best places in North America to be with an autistic child. We have free services, unlimited services, and my child has been thriving ever since!! In the States, she was lucky to get 3 hours of therapy a week. Her she gets more than that in a morning, plus she has a specialized services school for the afternoon. We are fortunate to be here for her.

7. That we have really good people living near us. I know I bitch about neighbors, but two out of the eight are good families (LOL everyone else sucks!). But this is the first time in almost 9 years we have had neighbors we like, get along with and hang out with. It feels good. We usually never live anywhere long enough to cultivate friendships.

6. That I don't worry about money. I hate even saying it, but I have to be honest. It's nice to not live paycheck to paycheck or be house poor. And it's nice to buy things without having to worry about going over budget. I have to admit, we are doing far beyond my expectations of our life style would be at this point.

5. I love my house. LOL I know what you are thinking - why on earth did she want to build last year then? Location and the school mostly. But we've resolved some things about that now. Plus we finished the rest of the house out and I love it!! We get our yard the way we want and it'll be perfect! Just in time for Jarrett to get an offer somewhere else with the company I'm sure!

4. We are all healthy! (knocks on wood). We have been blessed in this department really. In spite of other things that a hardships at least we have our health. I hope we are always lucky in this department.

3. I'm really close to my mom. Growing up, we had a bit of a strained relationship (in my teens actually), but that was a lot in part of mixed ideas of things going on at the time, me and my crazy teenager hormones, and definately my teenage attitude problem. Once I moved out on my own, got married, and had kids - I really understood my mom so much better. Now she's not so much "mom"; she's more like one of the closest friends I ever had, and a total confident. Which I think is great! I hope to have this relationship some day with my own girls.

2. My husband of course! He runs a very tight race with the girls for my affections. He's my best friend, the best husband and everything else in between. I couldn't imagine ever being without him. He is definately my soulmate and I'm truly lucky to have a man like him as my husband.

1. That I have the three most beautiful little girls I could have ever imagined!! It's so funny - I always thought I'd have boys. And then I ended up with girls!! I couldn't imagine my life without them! They are what give me the most joy in my life.

So those are my ten things I love about my life!! I guess since I'm in a tagging position, I tag: Dari, Catwoman and Sunshine.


Slick said...

Sounds like 10 things you have every right to be happy about.

The top of my list would be that I didn't get tagged.

Thank you.

Maria said...

These kinds of memes always get me thinking. And, you know, for all the bitching I do...I am really, really lucky. Thanks for reminding me of that, Elle.

Anonymous said...

Great list, chickadee!

Twisted Cinderella said...

A wonderful list of things to love. Great list.

Janis said...

Wow nice list Elle!! I wish I had number 6...we are still pay check to pay check dammit! day I tell ya!! lol

Catwoman said...

Great list! I guess I'll have to give this list some thought and get cracking!

Lene said...

Great list Elle

I have a lot in common with you!