Thursday, May 31, 2007


Oh geesh!!! I have a husband that mean's well but sometimes doesn't do well. I'll explain (I don't want you to think I'm dissing my man!).

A month ago I had told Jarrett that we should buy some weed and feed for the lawn, since we are planning on living here. I'll be honest - last summer we slacked off because we were building the new house and all of a sudden, investing a lot of time and energy into our landscaping seemed like a waste. So we didn't do much and I let the flower beds and such fall by the wayside... BIG MISTAKE!! When we cancelled the contract on the house, all of a sudden we are faced with our year of neglect. One would think not such a big deal... oh nelly let me tell you - big deal!

Our neighbors laugh at us about our landscaping. You see, they knew the guy that built our house (well I use the term "knew" loosely - they didn't get along). I guess he and his wife were a little anal about the landscaping. Case in point - we have a rock garden in the front - and the man would use an eye dropper and a toothbrush to CLEAN the stones. I'm not lying people!!! He'd have a complete coronary if he saw the way I treated it. Yeah yeah, he was also a man without three kids ok!? When we bought the house, the first time I saw the backyard I was completely amazed and impressed. It was like something out of "Better Homes and Gardens". Now it'd be lucky to be featured in "Horrible Homes and Grotesque Gardens". OK maybe not that bad... but it wouldn't be one of those yards you'd go "Oh I wish I lived there!". Plus we did have a dog until Christmas - and those with dogs you know what I'm talking about.

So this is why we are busting our butts now - we are trying to redeem ourselves. And so far so good! I have re-cut the beds (the previous homeowner never put in landscaping edging - the dolt!), laid some sod, pulled out some rock, and other lovely back-breaking labor. And I'm planting some new perennials and what not. I tell you what - this place will be styling when I'm done with it! Holy crap though I digress severely here. Back to my point...

So we've had the bag of fertilizer in the garage for a while now. And since Jarrett hasn't bothered to apply it, we have dandelions now. LOTS of dandelions. I have been systematically hand pulling them out with this tool. Involves a lot of squatting on my part (I'm sure my glutes thank me). But it's arduous - who wants to spend all day doing that? I remind him occasionally in a non-nagging way... but he doesn't get around to it. I mean true, we did get snow last week. But that hasn't stopped the dandelions so that shouldn't have stopped my husband. Then he toyed around with getting a company in to come spray the lawn. That's fine whatever... I mean he wasted money on a bag of Scott's but you know, just get it done. So has he called anyone? NO!!! Now some may ask why didn't I just take the initiative? Well I answer: I wouldn't probably do a good job on my own. I'd be one of those losers that have those stripes on their lawn because they didn't have it covered properly. OR I would tip the little spreader over and have a nice burned out patch on my front lawn. OR I would use too much... I don't know! And to call the guys... Jarrett always wants to know how much, so isn't it easier for HIM to do it?

So long story (long long story) short - I have to get these weeds terminated and soon!! My journey to my lovely yard isn't going to come about until we take care of this little matter! Anyways, back to my green thumb envy!


DariDonovan said...

Am building a rock garden with small fountain/pool at the lakehouse. Got any ideas for me?

Slick said...

Uuggh...that reminds me.

Trish has been reminding me to put her on my insurance now for two weeks.

Me and Jarrett would get along.

Elle said...

Dari, yes I do!!

Get some good flat rocks and make sure you recess them a little. Get yourself some cactus type of plants, like Hens and Chicks. Get some crawling plants like Allsym. And make sure you space them out a little to let the vegetation fill it up. I'll try to post a picture of mine later!

Also, I put a birdbath in the middle of mine. I wanted a fountain but no electrical to run out there.

MomToAnAngel said...

I hired a lawn service this year because I can't stand the weeds in the lawn. I normally do it myself, but it comes back with a vengeance every year. So it was time to bring in the big guns! LOL Hoping this time it will knock them suckers outta here!
Good luck with yours.

mcewen said...

Would you be willing to share your secret of 'non nagging' with us lesser beings?

Maria said...

Once you get a good lawn in place, it is relatively easy to keep it. We have a yard guy who does the weed and feed shit, but we do all the mowing, watering, etc on our own.

It's worth every penny.

And try growing herbs. Some are really hardy and they grow like mad, can be much less finicky than flowers and are well....edible!

Slackermommy said...

My hubby is the same way. Drives me crazy!