Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Jenna has croup AGAIN!!! Please God, can we stop with this already? This kid has croup so often. She'll be five years old next month, and she's had it more times than I care to remember. She's had it 3 times this year alone.

The reason it's particularly shitty is because my friend is supposed to come tomorrow with her 10 month old baby! Yes croup can be contagious, although it's mostly a common cold virus that hits certain kids as croup. Jenna is really predispositioned to it (she's A: thin framed, B: has a small windpipe and C: just sucks that way). So Jarrett trucked her to the ER last night at 1:30 am to get her the steroid to decrease the swelling. First thing this morning, I had to call Christy to let her know about what was going on. I told her she didn't have to come if she didn't feel good about it. Our doctor told us as long as we are diligent in washing Jenna's hands, and don't let her kiss on the baby, she should be fine. But I don't want to be held responsible for someone's baby getting ill. So I'm waiting to hear what's going to happen.

I spent about $300.00 on this ticket. It's not the money that bothers me though; I'm just really disappointed about the situation. I mean I know it's not Jenna's fault - it just sucks is all. I've been looking forward to this for almost a month now! We rarely get a chance to visit one another - so this was going to be great. My other two NEVER catch croup from Jenna when she has an episode (knock on wood), but then again, those are MY kids. They live here, they don't have a say in whether they contract it or not.

So anyways, I guess I'll lay in wait to hear the verdict. I have a sneaking suspicion she won't be coming tomorrow after all (can't say I would blame her), but anyways raise your glasses:

To your children and having the most inconvenient bouts of sickness whenever humanly possible!


Em said...

They do choose the worst times! They are never sick when I want to use a family sick day and stay home! Oh no...always when I have a hugely important meeting at work that is nearly impossible to miss!

Lene said...

Sorry Elle! I hate when you get excited and look forward to something like that and then it falls through.

I hope Jenna gets better soon!

Catwoman said...

How do they do it? They always pull this crap, don't they? I swear kids lick a public toilet behind our back when we're about to do something we're excited about.

Maria said...

I agree with the rest of the comments. I mean...the croup in May? Pretty rare, yes?

I think a lot probably depends on how old your friend's kids are...how susceptible they are to illness. (Liv is pretty resilient, but until she was 5, she caught colds by simply at people who had them, it seemed.)

I hope it works out for you! Fingers crossed.

Chrissy said...

Oh...I am sorry for your little one and for what you will be missing out on. It not only stinks that she is sick, but it is just down right awful that it came at this time. They do pick the darnedest times to be ill. For Timmy's 2nd b-day party he had the beginnings of pneumonia. Nice, huh?

tulipmom said...

Timing is everything, isn't it?

Sweet Boy had croup A LOT when he was younger, and I remember how hard it was to get that medicine (Orapred, is it?) down and how he usually threw up a few doses before keeping it down.

I hope your friend decides to come. If not, can she get a credit/voucher towards a future ticket?

Noemi said...

Elle, I really hope Jenna gets better soon! My kids used to get it a lot. Fortunately they grew out of it.

I hope your friend can make it, usually after 3 days of Steroids they get better.

Slackermommy said...

My son has asthma and gets croup often. It blows. No pun intended.

MomToAnAngel said...

Trust me when I say I totally understand what your going through. My DS is almost 11 and when he was in public schools he was always plagued by something making him sick on a monthly basis. The Dr said it is because he has asthma and allergies. He had pneumonia, bronchitis, croup, and a lot more all in one year. It sucks having a kid who is always sick, but things either get better or stay the same. Wishing you and your sweet DD all the best in health.