Monday, May 21, 2007


You've read right! Snow... in May... Victoria Day long week-end. Can it get any grosser than this? Oh for those of you in the States, Victoria Day celebrates the old queen's birthday. Yeah those English came here, stuffed their Queen down our throats so she's on all our money, and part of our national anthem duo of songs we sing. What has the monarchy done for us lately though? (Note: please don't throw your loonies at me if you like the Royal family thank-you!)

Me and Jarrett had our whole week-end planned out to be very productive. Sodding, finishing the playstructure, placing deck footings, building the retaining walls and planting my flowers. Too bad we only got one day of decent weather to do anything. Friday we got all the lumber, landscaping stone, sod... anything else landscaping you can think of. We actualy rented a truck for the day to haul. Jarrett had that thing so weighted down, it was 1/2 inch from scraping the axles. I even got my patio set!!! I harassed him enough that he just said "Let's go get one then!" (LOL I like to harass that man... he caves easily!). It's all good, he'll thank me later. However, all we accomplished so far the rest of the week-end was laying the sod and putting down... 6.... count em 6 stones!! It started to profusely hail on us. That was yesterday. We've been in the house ever since.

This morning, we woke up to snow. Snow flurries everywhere! I'm thoroughly disgusted right now. We are stuck in the house. Thank God I didn't plant my flowers like I wanted to on Saturday. They'd be frozen by now I'm sure. They are sitting in my husband's stall in the garage - his car sits in the driveway getting hailed on. Instead we installed a shelf in the spare bedroom closet and are dickering around with other odds and ends in the house. I'm in laundry mode as well - but that's hardly fun. The worst part is Jarrett has tomorrow off too - a major extended week-end; and we didn't get to do anything we wanted. What a waste of days off. I'd go to the mall and do some retail therapy but I'm sure the whole city has the same idea. When stuck indoors - shop!

To top it off, I had my teeth cleaning on Friday and the hygienist was Hitler's long lost great granddaughter I swear! I've never had a cleaning hurt so much in my life! And hey, I take good care of my teeth. They hurt so bad, I could barely chew my food that evening. The next day, my whole jaw hurt. That evil woman!! I'll never let her near me with any dental tool or little cup of fluoride again!!! I'm all for good dental health but seriously - that's just insane! I don't care if I did get a free toothbrush and dental floss out of the deal.

We also learned that our neighbors can be heard on our baby monitor. I guess we have the same one. Anyways, I could hear a kid crying and then said, "Huh, that doesn't sound like Karis". Then I could recognize "A's" whine. We called the neighbor and I could hear their phone ringing. So that means they can hear what WE say on our channel. I also heard her bitching that her husband probably wouldn't bother answering the phone. WE had a good laugh until we realized something - they can probably hear us too. That's not good - LOL we say a lot of shit in this house that no one should be hearing. I mean - you know... lol.

Last but not least, my best pal from high school, Christy, will be here on Wednesday with her baby. I'm totally excited as this is her first visit here. I surprised her with plane tickets to come. We often don't get so visit unless I'm at mom and dad's, so this is a major thing for us! She'll be here a better part of a week, so if I'm a little MIA it's because we're hanging out! I'm sure I'll have pictures to post later. I'm sure it'll be tame; after all we are both mommy's now. Man I could tell you some crazy stories about our teenage adventures...

Well I hope you all are having better weather than us!! Not hard to do that unless you are living in Antarctica or something. Take care!


Jolene said...

I know about Victoria Day. We had a mass influx of our Canadian neighbors cross the border today. I live 3 minutes from Quebec and can actually see the lights of the border. I also benefit from all Canadian holidays because my boss's wife is an orthodontist in Montreal. So today he wasn't in. Yay!!!

That sucks about your cleaning. I don't usually suffer much, but the hygienest tortures my husband. He comes home in shock after :)

We had snow two days ago. Just flurries, but still... In 1996 we had two inches of snow on Mother's Day. It's cold up here too. I made the mistake of putting my coleus in too soon. I hope it springs back.

That baby monitor thing is freaky. I would be so paranoid, wondering what they might have heard.

Have a great time catching up with your friend.

Lainey-Paney said...

...i don't think that it has ever snowed in May in our entire history.

we're lucky if we get one snow flurry a year!

Burg said...

Wow! Snow?? Ick!

I hate the teeth cleaning thing.. It's always terribly uncomfortable.

Em said...

Snow is May is seriously wrong! But I love the whole baby monitor thing...listening in on the neighbors. And now that you know they can hear you, you can really mess with them by talking about the times you've been abducted by aliens and secret messages you've been hearing in your head.

Maria said...

Snow. Good hell. We just turned our a/c on....