Monday, May 21, 2007


Mamalee named me in a meme to show and tell everything in my purse. Now, I must warn you, I have a BIG purse which means I have a lot of stuff in it! Some stuff I was even surprised to find in there (most money). So let's begin shall we?

Here is a picture of one of my purses. This would be the one I'm using today. I have about 10 purses, I alternate them frequently. Actually if I looked in all of them, I would find stuff in all 10 of them.

In the front left hand pocket I have two-five dollar bills (Yes this is what fivers look like in Canada), a necklace of some sort, a pink suede change purse, and change that wasn't in the change purse for some odd reason.

In the front right hand pocket I have one Always panty liner, two Tampax tampons, a packet of Certs mints, a cheque from Grandma that I thought I cashed (sorry gma, I'll cash it tomorrow I promise!), a receipt and more change that isn't in the change purse.

In the main compartment, I have Karis' purple purse (she gets annoyed lugging it around but insists on taking it with), a packet of Kleenex, a bottle of Juniper Bath and Body Works lotion, a Tide pen, Listerine breath spray, and some kiddie wipes for dirty faces/hands.

Also in the main compartment, I have sunglasses, Body Shop lip gloss, my cellphone, dental floss, a book of Canadian stamps, a cookie from Boston Pizza, Rimmel face powder, and my red Roots wallet.

In the little pocket inside the purse I have a Disney sticker book that belongs to Karis, a Versace lipgloss, my pink watch, Dentyne gum, a Toys R Us gift card, and a twenty dollar bill (score!).

So those are the guts of my purse. Yes it is pretty heavy, and yes my husband's wallet also goes in there when we go out together (along with his cellphone, and any other crap he decides to stuff in there). I swear it's why I need to go to the chiropractor so often! Since this is a tag meme, and I'm not sure who has all done it, I tag anyone that hasn't done this yet!!


Anonymous said...

Very cute. I love that purse! I'm noticing a pattern...there's not much Mommy stuff in the Mommy-purses.

Noemi said...

WOW I will not dare look into my purse, afraid of being attack of God knows whatever is in it! LOL Cute purse!

Slick said...

Geeezus girl, why don't you just lug around a suitcase?

You got money strowed around everywhere!

Lene said...

Ok, can I say I am jealous? I haven't been able to use a purse in years! Still lugging around a diaper bag. Ok, so it is a purse turned diaper bag, but it is loaded with diaper crap (not literally!).

Oh to have real things in my bag!
Cute purse!

Mary Poppins said...

I would not ask you how you got all THAT STUFF IN that SMALL purse...because alas, us moms are like Mary Poppins, our purses can hold wonders...I long for the day of wipe-free/crayon vacant purses...

Maria said...

God. I think EVERY woman I know has some sort of breath mints or gum in her purse. I know that I do. (Breath Savers anyone?)

I wonder if we are all paranoid about our breath?

Chrissy said...

What a great purse!
If I found all that money in my purse, I would be doing cartwheels down the hall!