Sunday, May 13, 2007


I promise you a post today of interesting twists. This is my life we are talking about... I can't be anything but unpredictable.

Friday we picked up the materials for the kids playscape. Our two buds came and helped Jarrett unload it all (which is good because I don't want to haul it into the backyard). I was the foreman: I drank my Slurpee and commented how good a job they were doing. After we sat around yapping on our driveway. My friend had her wisdom teeth extracted that morning and came outside to talk with all of us - extremely high from her vicodin talking about writing on her leg. Don't ask... she was medicated remember? I should also mention the twins didn't have school Friday. It was inservice day; and I had originally promised the Zoo; only to remember there was a therapist coming. Whoops - mommy's bad!!!! The more time I could unwind outside with them nestled inside in their beds the better!!

Saturday, we spent the entire day outside trying to assemble aforementioned playscape. FUN!!! How else can you explain sitting outside holding up huge pieces of plastic when your uterus is convulsing with cramps and you wish you could die on the grass? It's just one of those days you wish you could grab your ovaries and throw them down a cliff. Being a woman sucks sometimes. My dear husband was trying to be understanding: as I complained constantly that I hurt and that I wanted something salty. We were almost finished (only 6 hours later), when we figured out we were shorted two large bolts, only to be given two others that we didn't need. Little Tykes, if you are reading this: YOU SUCK!!! Is it that hard to put the proper hardware in the box? You can charge me $1,200.00 for a playstructure, but you can't include the proper hardware to assemble it? Not to mention your crappy wordless instructions that must've been designed by someone addicted to crack. Needless to say, the girls were very disappointed that we couldn't finish it. So they have part of it up; just not the swing set.

The funniest part of the day was Jenna came up to me and told me, "Mommy I really appreciate you," and gave me this huge hug and kiss! That was so sweet and my heart melted. She then continued, "Daddy I don't appreciate you though." LMAO!!! We asked her why and she said, "Because it's mother's day tomorrow and you need to appreciate your mommy's!" Hmmm well said! Jarrett pointed out that it doesn't hurt to appreciate the guy that spent his entire Saturday assembled plastic bits. Touche!

Sunday morning, we went to brunch with two other family's. Since my friend (same one with the wisdom teeth) has kids that get up at 5:30 in the morning, she made brunch earlier than me and the other mom would've liked. I mean it wasn't heinously early but early enough that we didn't really get a mother's day sleep-in (unless you consider an extra 1/2 hour sleeping in - I don't by the way!). Who wants to eat bacon when they have holes in their gums? Apparently her: she was a trooper!! I've never seen anyone with faster turnaround after a surgery. The girls jumped on me and the bed, gave me my cards, which included a gift certificate for a one hour hot stone massage!! WOOT, can I get a WOOT!? We went to brunch, Kierra ate probably six pigs worth of bacon, Jenna complained about unproportionate amounts on plates and eyed my chocolate covered strawberry (HEY I gave each kid one!), and Karis just ate and smiled like a hyena. I had an omelet that made me ill, and some sausages that were rather "different". After we went to Best Buy where Jarrett bought me a new digital camera (my old one's LCD screen died on me. I could see the pictures I was taking, or do a review, or see movie clips - so useless basically). So now I have a new one!! Except my memory card won't work in the new one so I have to go buy one of those now. Oh well. Then we went to Home Depot to buy the bolts that Little Tykes (YOU SUCK!) didn't bother to give us. I also bought some petunias. Hey don't look at me that way... I need them I really do!

When we got home, there was a message on the machine from my sister. She informs me dad is in the hospital. I'll be honest, I thought for sure heart attack. Sad huh? He's 57 but he's a workaholic, eats like crap, never exercises, is always stressed out - and he loves it! But it wasn't a heart attack. Instead he decided to use the wench from his truck to pry out the sump pump for the pool because he wanted to reset it. Don't ask why - my father has strange ideas. So anyways, he had the line taunt, pulling it ... and it let loose and the hook hit him square in his left eye. It knocked him out, and when he woke up, he was blind in both eyes. After 10 minutes, he could see out of one eye only. So off to the hospital - he was also alone when he did this. My sister says he has severe pressure on his eye, it's swollen and distended, and completely black. The doctors can't even see into it to determine damage. So far, the pressure has come down somewhat, and he can see blurry shapes, but not see colors. He might have to have eye surgery to relieve the pressure. I just have to say: it would be my dad that would damn near knock out his own eye trying to pull out a sump pump. I will also say he only did this because my mom went to grandma's. Had she been there, he would have never did that. Let this be a lesson: if it's not a good idea when your wife is at home; it's not a good idea PERIOD!!!

Anyways, that's about all from me. I will report anything new with dad as I hear it. I do hope you all had great Mother's Days!!!!! Here's hoping next year will provide a lot less drama though!


Mom not Mum said...

Don't think I've taken the time yet to give you and your family my best wishes in a quick recovery for your Dad!!

DariDonovan said...

Wow, what a weekend. Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes and I hope yours was SUPERB!

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

I hope your dad is okay. I send you hugs...I hope that the chaos reminds you how lucky we are with such crazy lives...

Hope your day was wonderful!!!!

Catwoman said...

That situation with your dad is so scary! And actually, he sounds a lot like my dad, and I'd think heart attack too, if I got a call saying he was in the hospital.

Hope your cramps are better too! I hate, hate, hate those with a passion!

Noemi said...

Hope your Dad feels better. Will be sending prayers your way!

MamaLee said...

alright, knock off the drama up there. you need some CALM time!

I surely hope that your Dad is alright. Lots of prayers from me, my dear. XOXO

Jenny said...

I want your gift. Can we trade? I got flowers that would look great planted in your garden. :)

Oh, I hate assembling any of the toys, let alone a huge one while suffering with cramps. Way to be a trooper!

The only other person in the world who would attempt a stunt like the sump pump trick is my father. He always tries to use a truck or tractor to do things that trucks and tractors simply shouldn't be a part of. Glad your dad's okay though. Hope he recovers quickly and learns the valuable lesson you pointed out.

weatherchazer said...

My dad does that crap too. One time, he was cutting limbs out of an old water oak we had in the back yard (it was the second largest in the state of NC) and genius knocked the ladder out of the tree. When we decided we hadn't heard the chain saw for a little while, we went out and checked on him. He looked like a stranded cat...and he had broken the only ladder that could reach him. We had to call b-i-l to bring the fire truck with the extendable ladder to haul his butt down!

tulipmom said...

I hope your Dad is OK and has a speedy recovery. Sheesh!!

I have no idea how you were outside lifting stuff in the throes of bad cramps. You are a better woman than me!

That massage is well-deserved.