Thursday, June 21, 2007


(WTF Imeem is being a pita today)

.................. Of my posts about soccer? Very probable!! The kids had their roundup game a few days back. The weather was wonderful and the field was miraculously not soggy (considered we got torrential rain).

The twins were out there giving it their all. It was the most Kierra has ever participated in soccer. She was running with the kids down the field and the whole thing. Jenna was doing ok - she'd be on a breakaway with the ball and then... FALL. I swear to you, she did this about five times! Each time she started to bawl as the opposing team took the ball and ran off the other way. Poor kid. I don't know what was bugging her, because she sure cried a lot that game.

I just have to say this, it probably makes me a bad soccermom, but MAN our team sucked!!! We lost 3 players mid-season, and there was 3 brothers on our team that never shared the ball. I mean they'd take it from team members. Pretty lousy. All the other teams got noticeably good. Ours didn't. I mean I guess you can't expect Beckham quality soccer from 4-5 year old kids, but I didn't see a vast improvement in skills at all. I did notice the other coach really riding his team members. I thought it was a little overboard considering most of these kids can't even tie their shoes. Then again, his kids actually looked like they learned something this year. Oh well... at least they were outside and got some exercise. Next year will be a better year. Plus Karis will be able to play then as well!

At the end of the game, the coach gave all the kids a medal. Kierra was so happy with hers. She kept staring at it - totally enamored. She tried to wear it to bed. She wasn't pleased when I told her it wasn't a good idea. Jenna was pretty psyched about it too. Karis was upset - she didn't get one. Try explaining that to a 3 year old that gets to do the practice drills with her sister's team. Whoops!!! Of course I did take pictures (ask Janis - I have problems with picture overkill).

Anyways, so that's it for my tales of soccer. I'll look through some clips on my video camera later, because there is a perfect shot of Jenna on a breakaway... then falling down. It's kind of funny but it's not know what I mean? I'm sure we'll laugh about it years down the road.


Catwoman said...

I'm definitely going to miss the soccer posts, but I'm sure you'll have lots of great summer stories to share!!!

Maria said...

Liv's performance on her soccer team at age four was nothing special. We were just very relieved when the ball seemed to go the correct way. More times than once. the teams would forget what side they were on.

She will be on the 8-10 years this year and she has gotten noticeable better. They all have. There are some real break-out Beckham players. Unfortunately, she isn't one of them, but she is learning.

Like you, I think you just have to chalk it up to good exercise for their first few years on a team....

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the sexy summer posts! WOOHOO!

Em said...

Congratulations on a the end of the season. Even if it sucked. LOL

Mom not Mum said...

I've noticed Imeem is sucking lately as well. Almost EVERY song I look for is only a 30second snip and then you find one that isn't and it cuts it anyway.