Friday, June 22, 2007


I'm in that "post medication" funk. I hate that. I took Tylenol with codeine's last night for a headache I've been having off and on for three days. Then last night I decided maybe those were pre-migraine headaches. I was looking for my migraine meds and alas, couldn't find them. Panic overtook me instantly. The last time I didn't take them right away, I ended up sitting in the ER for 6 hours and then got sent home with a shot of morphine in the ass.

After a collective effort to find them, I finally did. They were on the TOP shelf of our medicine cabinet under a box of very old condoms. LOL I'd say it's time to throw those out! Believe it or not, my head STILL hurt after having all that medication in me. What a doozy. I'm hoping today will bring better things since taking so many meds to manage it, could cause rebound headaches. What a pain in the ..... brain.

So today I'm getting ready for the twins big birthday party. Yes they had their actual birthday over a week ago, but I'm talking the "kid" party. Aha!! You thought I might actually be headache free this week-end???? My initial intention was to have it all outside in our backyard. Until this morning it looked good. Then I turn on the weather channel this morning to see chance of thunderstorms. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I do not want all these kids in my house!!! I hope and pray (as should you) that the rain at least holds off until the evening. I even hired a clown; let's see how many kids have nightmares tomorrow night. I took me forever to find someone to do it - but I found a bakery to make me a Curious George cake. I ended up ripping a page from a coloring book and said, "Can you do this?" They are going to do a transfer image onto the cake. I've never had one of those before but really - as long as it's edible and it looks half-way like George - I'm golden.

Well I should go. I'm debating whether my head is clear enough to drive to Home Depot this morning and pick up this Rubbermaid outdoor storage container. Jarrett was supposed to go get it last night, but he forgot. I need someone to store all my gardening junk so kids don't play with it (in case they do have the party outside). I'd also like to mention my house is extremely hot and my husband STILL didn't buy the central air compressors. He thinks that having to buy two is overkill (we do need two though). I'm thinking he's not getting any on those nights it's really hot and humid in our bedroom. That might cool him down LOL. What? Using sex as a way to get what you want? LOL damn straight!


Mom not Mum said...

I'll hope for no rain for you too! Jackson's at a school camping/outdoor thing this weekend and the more rain means the more mud I have to wash out of clothes.

Don't get to frisky with the clown now!

Kevin Charnas said...

Sex and clown in the same post scares me.

Actually, anything referring to "clown" scares me. But, that fantastic Curious George cake will probably cancel things out. :)

Catwoman said...

So keeping my fingers crossed for the b-day party! I'm sure the kids will have a blast!

And you should totally withhold sex for cold air. And for chocolate. And for new shoes. And really, for anything else that you want.

MamaLee said...

Feel better, cupcake!

Em said...

Following your instructions, I'll be praying good weather..and I'll throw in a word or two for some headache relief, too.

Slackermommy said...

Sorry about your sucky headache. I'm with you on using sex to get what you want. I'm always telling my hubby that I'm not above prostituting myself to him.