Monday, June 25, 2007


Friday, I spent the most glorious day outside on my deck. I mean it was AWESOME. It was sunny and hot, and I loved every iota of it!!! I invited my neighbor and her kids over to play. I just bought a new kiddie pool and the kids were going nuts. Me and my friend (minus the much needed margaritas), sat under the deck umbrella just vegging out. And then another neighbor came into the backyard unannounced. He just came home from work, is a mutual friend of ours, and asked if his wife and kids were in the backyard. Me and Alana were overcome with an uncomfortable silence and said, "Ummm no." It wasn't that she wasn't invited or we don't like her... honestly we just do stuff alot without her because me and Alana are more alike one another. We threw out the "You guys should come over" line... thinking boy that sounds like a humoring quip - and he left. After we just looked at each other in horror like we just got caught giving a hand job in the boys lockeroom in school or something. We questioned whether we should always throw her an invite. Then reasoned she never calls us to do anything... only us calling her. I think that rationale alleviated our guilt a tad.

Saturday, I was in party mode. This meant cleaning the house, setting up decorations, combing my children's' impossible rat-nest hair (I'm serious - they are follicularly challenged). Jarrett went to pick up some stuff and then called me to ask if the birthday cake should have color on it. Say what? Apparently they just transferred the image of Curious George in black and white and didn't color any of it. There you go - wonderful cake for a five year olds birthday. White plain ass cake with gray picture. I told him to get them to color it in - I mean CMON!!! They did and the job was sub-par at best. I will not be getting cake from them ever again. Luckily the kids didn't care. As for the clown - two children clung to parents wildly and screamed like he was Hitler the Clown. My children thought he was great. He truly was. He did a magic act, and then did animal balloons. Jarrett quipped he wanted some bunny ears for me later, and I got some. LOL no I didn't wear them to bed that night. It would've been a safety liability anyways. You pop one of those off, my hubby couldn't have lost an eye or something worse!!! Other mom from Friday was there too of course (Hey we don't not invite her to everything). Since me and Alana decided to go to a movie on Sunday, we asked her if she would like to come. She said no, she's too busy. We were sure if it's just because she was upset she didn't come to the backyard pool party or if she doesn't like us... or she was really busy. In either case, we did extend the invitation.

Sunday the weather sucked. I was supposed to get my sleep-in day but Kierra ran into the room at 7:30 screaming, "Mama, mama, mama!" at me. Jarrett apologized and took her downstairs. I was awake though. But instead of going downstairs, I spent the next two hours watching "Bridget Jones Diary" on t.v. I figured I may be up, but no way I'm getting out of bed! We decided to go to Rona to look for the deck box we desperately need. It was the kids' soccer wind-up party; but with those clouds in the air, no dice!!! We ended up buying two lounge chairs and the deck box. I had to argue with Jarrett that they would all fit in the minivan - with the kids. Him admitting I was right must've been hard. I must have a Tetrus brain or something, because I had it all mapped out. Unfortunately this didn't accommodate the fire pit we also wanted. It was either that, or leave one of the kids in the Rona parking lot. We opted to keep the kid (although it was a really nice fire pit). When we got home, we had the brilliant idea to have lunch outside. It ws cold and miserable but the kids insisted we stay. After we put the chairs together, and were talking when again, neighbors came back unannounced. I don't know about you, but I get irritated when people just invite themselves over. I mean we could have been talking shit about them or something and then we turn around and there they are. As it turns out, we were discussing the shed we plan to get next week-end. Note to self though: don't talk about anyone that could suddenly come unannounced in your backyard.

So that in a rather large nutshell, was my week-end!! My in-laws are coming next week (blah), but Jarrett has all of next week off. The twins have their last day of school this Tuesday and then my prison summer sentence starts. Also the Calgary Stampede starts this coming week-end (can I get a yahoo?). I'm sure I'll have some interesting tales to tell in the upcoming week. Ciao!


Anonymous said...

Our weather was reversed all weekend from yours, lol. Go figure. It was so damned muddy fom the rain on Friday and Saturday that I sunk in it when I tried to hoe my garden on Sunday, lol. Have a great week. Oh, I answered your surgery question at my blog. :-)

Burg said...

I can't wait to have a deck!!

"Hitler the Clown," HA!! I can't stand them either.. I would have had to hide behind someone too!

Noemi said...

We had a WAY TOO HOT weekend over here. We were trying to do the lawn but no way we would I almost fainted.

Went to the pool instead.

Hitler the Clown! Funny.... I want deck too. I think you need to nag my hubby for me ;)

Catwoman said...

OK, Hitler the clown made me laugh out loud! Did he make swatzika balloon animals and ignore the brown-headed children?

Also, I was just reading on (my idea of a news site, cough, cough) that Jenny McCarthy's son has autism as well. Her newest book will be about being a mom of an autistic child, which I thought you'd be interested in. Her first two books about pregnancy and the first year of babyhood were pretty funny, so it'll be interesting to read her take on autism, although, I would think she wouldn't turn that into a big joke!,,20043507,00.html

Anonymous said...

Hitler the

And what is with strange neighbors?

tulipmom said...

"then my prison summer sentence starts"


I'm glad you finally got a chance to enjoy the deck.

Twisted Cinderella said...

bwaahahahah I am still laughing my butt off at "Hitler the Clown"