Thursday, June 14, 2007


HOORAY!! It's done! The deck of doom is done!! Can I get a substantial "woot woot"? Seriously - this thing was a pita from the moment we started it. It literally took an ENTIRE day to drill 10 holes in the concrete patio pad (with a proper drill and everything!), it rained for two days which meant working in the rain. Splinters, swearing, and insane amounts of chop sawing - and it's done!!!!!

My dad of course, had to finish it off nicely. He did miter cuts and the whole nine yards on the fascia. It looks great! My dad does nice work. My poor mom's arms are tired. Jarrett is walking around like an 80 year old man with arthritis and bruised knees from all the kneeling he did. Me, hell I had my stupid period the entire time. Wouldn't you know it? Every time we do a project BAM there she is. She was there when we did the Playscape, she was there for the deck. I'm sure she'll be there when we build our shed.

Anyways, we decided to be nice and fly my dad home so he could stay a few extra days. My mom will drive back home herself on Sunday (which she is ok with; my dad drives her completely nuts on car trips). Me being a slave driver, I convinced dad to assemble my new patio set for me as well - because I'm a slave driver. The promise of an ice cold Pepsi did the trick. Apparently if you are hot enough, and the walk up a flight of stairs through the house is your destination, and you are in your 50's - you put the patio set together for your annoying first born child if she promises to go fetch you the carbonated drink. Wooo ha ha ha!!! (I would have got it for him anyways).

Last night I came home from Home Depot to find my mom trying to clean up a castrophe in the laundry room. She decided to rinse out a few things in my laundry tub, left the water on to run do something, forgot and came down to find water all over the laundry room floor, in the furnace room and a little on the carpet coming into the family room! Whoops! You should've seen her face when I found her. She had the same look Kierra gets when she does something bad. I helped her clean it up. She was very embarrassed. We figure it happens - not usually to us but to mom - it's not the first time she's flooded a laundry room (note to self: don't let mom near water and appliances in your home).

Today is the twin's school tea. Me, mom and Karis are going (after we drop off dad at the airport). I'm sure it will be cute. Jenna is devastated that Jarrett can't be there but you know, someone has to pay our mortgage!! I'm sure I'll have pictures of that. The twins birthday was really nice. I'll post pictures of that too later. For now, I leave you with pictures of deck - the completed works!!


Janis said...

WOW lookin VERY nice Elle! Are you putting a fence up around it so the twins and Karis don't fall off and we have to endure 2000 + posts about "today's latest deck injury goes to...." lol ;)

Looks awesome and I'm glad it's done so maybe we can TALK to you again! hehe how many days left now?? tick tock!

tulipmom said...

The deck looks fantastic! Sounds like it was a major ordeal.

As for getting your period at the worst possible times, we're leaving for my in-laws tomorrow, so you guessed it.... I just got it. In 15 years I have yet to visit these people w/out it. Without going into the whole shebang, they have put us through Hell over the years and it would just be nice to go there w/o feeling like shit before I even get there.

Have a great weekend! Enjoy your deck.

Jenny said...

The deck is beautiful Elle!! Love that!

The laundry room thing sounds like fun, too. Trying to get a deck and an indoor pool at the same time? :o)

Maria said...

That is one smokin' deck! I just want to plop down and drink some iced tea!

Noemi said...

Looks Lovely, we will soon edure this task too. I just can't wait. Right now all I have for a 1/2 acre backyard is mostly sand (Florida).

Laundry room is just too funny

Mom not Mum said...

Beautiful deck. Your guys do fantastic work!

In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

I have deck envy.

Slick said...

Period? Nice excuse Elle but women can get away with that cause who in the right mind is gonna check and see if she's lying??

Gotta hand it to your Dad and jarrett.....awesome job. It looks great!

Daisy said...

I suppose saying, "Could be worse -- could be raining" wouldn't be appropriate here. :)

JessNickKatieRyanEmily said...