Thursday, June 28, 2007


As I had mentioned in fleeting passing the other day, I am going on a "Mommy's Vacation". Wondering what this is? Are you intrigued? Me too - because I've never been on one before. But I'm expecting it's going to be three glorious days of relaxation and forgetting for a brief moment that back home, I wipe bums all day long.

Approximately 6 years ago, I was part of an on-line mommy's chat called BabyCenter. I'm sure a lot of moms are aware of this site. Back then, I was "just" pregnant with the twins, waiting to find out how many were actually in there (we did IVF and put back more than came out!). I met this fabulous woman named Lee. She was a great spirit to have met; and I liked her immediately! She had a little guy already and was pregnant again. Me, being totally inexperienced, came under her prenatal wing. She gave me great advice, and I always looked forward to finding her name in the chatbox. Even better, she had the same, weird sense of humor I had!! How great is that to have someone else on this planet get you?

Around the same time, I met another gal Janis. She also also pregnant with her first baby, and was actually due one month before I was with the twins. She was probably one of the craziest chicks I could've met. She too was good friends with Lee, and whenever the three of us got into chat together we had a blast. We complained about our hubbies, our stretch marks. Once the babies were born, we complained about how sleep-deprived we all were. True bonding moments. During the course of the next two years; we all popped out one more baby. In fact, me and Janis both took to the same name for our last little girl (different spellings/ same attitudes!). We joined a mom's group board, found each other on MSN more often... it was awesome.

In the last six or so years, I have talked on the phone with these women, chatted for endless hours, been on web cam shaking our booty at each other. We send cards, pictures and gifts for special occasions. We are each other's online support team. I can honestly say that in troubled times, they are the first ones I go to. They are always there with a sympathetic ear and a good shoulder. I feel like I've known them forever. So you can imagine how excited I am to finally be putting faces to the names. On July 13th (lucky day huh?), I'm meeting them in person.

I must say I'm so excited to be doing this!!! I can only imagine what a blast they both are in person. One would think I might be a little nervous, but honestly - it's like I know them so well already. So, my friends, I know you are reading this.... so I just wanted to say I can't wait to meet you both!!!! This has been a long time coming!

P.S. I activated the van alarm again yesterday instead of the automatic door opener (with the kids standing in front of it). What in the world? I'm loosing it. See I told you all I needed a vacation!


TK the Shrink said...

"On July 13th (lucky day huh?)"
That is a VERY lucky day!!! That's my 5 year wedding anniversary! You three make sure to have drinks to celebrate that! :wink:
Have a blast you three! :)

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Sounds like you three will have a blast. I have wanted to meet a few of my "online" friends but things have never worked out. I am still holding out hope. :)

Slackermommy said...

That is so cool! This is the beauty of the internet, connecting with people you probably would have never met otherwise.

Catwoman said...

Sound like so much fun!!!! Did your hubby have any concerns about you meeting someone from the Internet? I think mine would totally be freaked out and think I'd end up in little pieces! ;)

He's a little on the over-dramatic side!

Elle said...

No not really. I mean he knows I've been talking to them forever. He's seen pictures of their families and what not as well. He trusts my judgement. I mean if it was a guy - probably not. But he's excited for me to meet my friends.

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.


ELLE said...


(except the part of going to Vancouver).

Lainey-Paney said...

Wow, so where are y'all going?

I hope your vacation includes a stiff drink & a beach.
Or a pool.
Or shopping.
Or...all of the above!

Janis said...

I think you're a bit wacho to be meeting people off the internet that you've never really met how hard up are you?

hehe ;)

KIDDING TOTALLY!!! I am SOOOO excited for this weekend to happen!!! We are going to have SOOO much fun!!!

tulipmom said...

That is so cool! I hope the three of you have a fabulous time!!

Mom not Mum said...

I would seriously worry about meeting that LeeAnn chick in person - she might smother you with her huge boobs when she gets you in a bear hug.

I met up with about 5 mommies gosh 7 years ago now - we had a blast!

Lene said...

You guys are going to have so much fun!