Friday, February 16, 2007


OK who is with me on this one? You are lying in your lovely warm, toasty bed... totally relaxed. The sleep is wearing off and you are in your ultimately happy place nice and rested and refreshed. You go to stretch it off a little, get a little crack in the back, loosen up your neck a little... all the way to pointing you toes. And then it hits you all of a sudden... that awful pulling sensation in your calf muscle. You flex your toes in a vain attempt to block off the inevitable but you know it's too late. Your whole calf is griped with tight, excruitating pain as you silently scream into your pillow (might I add I yelled many a profanity). Full on charly horse. You try to flex off your toes to release the spasms in your leg; but that takes a few minutes to work. Of course Jarrett was already in the shower so I just rolled back and forth holding my thigh in my hands praying that the pain in my leg would ease up soon. WHY OH WHY couldn't I have eatten a banana before bed last night??? My leg is so sore this morning, I feel like I ran a marthon on one leg. What a way to wake up to the day. I guess it could have been worse... it could've been a migraine. (give it a few days, we are getting a chinook system any day now).

On a happier note, I received my piano yesterday! I was very excited as were the girls... especially for people who had no idea what the delivery guys brought into the house (the cover was over the keys; I guess they didn't know pianos did that). Once I explained what it was, joyous cries rose in the house, and I tickled the ivories and they danced around as though in a tribal fusion. Karis and Jenna actually ran into each other at one point, but that didn't stop them from popping back up and breaking into a polka or something (Must be the Ukrainian in them). Took me an hour or so before I found my long-lost piano groove. Soon I was playing Fur Elise and having the time of my life. Back is kinda sore this morning from sitting on that bench though. So lets recap: sore piano back, and sore muscle spasm leg.

OHHHHH and I can't believe I didn't mention this!! On Valentine's Day hubby got on one knee, pulled out a small velvet box and asked me to be his Valentine... with beautiful princess cut diamond earrings!! Oh yes he did!! I was totally floored and didn't expect them. They are gorgeous! I refused to take them off the other night, but I decided maybe I should because my ears kept getting pulled on from them by the pillow. It took us a while to figure you have to pull down the earring shaft before you can unscrew them. So I kinda made my earlobes sore with all that aimless twisting I did. Oh I guess another recap: sore piano back, sore muscle spasm leg, and sore twisting for no apparent reason earlobes. Man I'm in rough shape huh?

To top off the week, hubby took my minivan into the shop to have the ABS/TCS looked at. Turns out there was condensation on the wires, so that's why it kept being crazy and cutting out on me. So you can all feel satisfied knowing I'm not longer driving a metal coffin around the city. Good thing too, the roads here suck because they never plow. The mentality of the city counsil is that we only get one truly bad month of weather and the snow melts soon after... so why plow???? Well let me think: fatalities from car accidents, and probably millions of dollars worth of personal injury, vehicle injury and probably people running over light posts and mailboxes. Call me crazy but some plows for a month would probably be cheaper. Maybe I should've ran for Premier??????

Anyways, I got all the kiddos for the day; no JK for the twins. Can you say Mayham Mayham Mayham????? Pass me a margarita at the end of the day will ya?


Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

Nice Valentine's...You go mamma.

I hate, hate leg cramps...Charlie Horses...ooh they make me angry.

Tuesday Girl said...

I got those leg cramps ALL the time when I was pregnant. Ugh I hate dthem, and limping around the next day.

Em said...

That hubby knows how to make a good impression! Good for you...for BOTH of you!

Maria said...

I HATE leg cramps. I tend to get them in the middle of the night, though. And the only thing that works is for me to get out of bed and jump around madly for a moment or so. It was worse when I was in my 20's and tended to um...sleep around more. (I wasn't a slut, but ok..I was easy.) I'm certain that I scared more than one person half to death by doing my frenzied middle-of-the-night dancing.

And you have one romantic husband. Holy Cow. Lucky duck!