Monday, February 05, 2007


Well if this isn't the picture of affluence, prestige, bad tie choices and hair that is beyond unmentionable... Be careful Elle - don't want The Donald to read your blog and sue you with slander or something (Note: All comments I make on this blog are covered under the freedom of speech act and are my own personal opinions; oh and let's be honest... I'm not the only one that thinks the exact same thing ;) ). ANYWAYS, my humor is not top notch... it's 5:22 am and I've been up for an hour. Something about my bronicile infection and severe laryngitis that barely allows me to squeek anything audible. But hey, it doesn't stop this big-mouth from typing now does it?

I digress... this happens alot. So no I wasn't plugging Donald Trump's show (although I admit I have watched it... well the first 2 seasons and then it got pretty redundant), but I'm actually refering to my contract/builder. You say, "OH THAT again... doesn't she ever shut up about that house?" No. I don't. Hopefully that day will be coming soon though. Here's the scoop: We saw him this week-end, where he gave us the cost breakdown. A lot of bogus charges on there; I mean who charges you for the property taxes on land when he would have had to pay anyways? Who charges you for a building permit that has a transfer fee of $200.00? A real *-hole. But whatever, as far as we've ever been concerned, nothing is set in stone unless you are Moses with the Ten Commandments or something. So of course the builder did the hard sell of why we would be nuts for backing out. You know the typical, "no one wins," "it's an investment opportunity," "we're in the 11th hour," and "I hate to loose out on a deal,"... pretty much everything short of "you'd be idiots if you did." I'll mention a good jab though; he was going on and on about the money, and I finally retorted in my high-pitched lack of my fleeting voice, "It's not about the money, it's what's in the best interests of our child, and there is no monetary value on that." Well of course he shut up after that. What can he say? Yes your autistic kid has a price, and it's somewhere around the sum of $935,000.00? Not unless he wants my Guess purse swung to the upside of his curly scalp. Of course he told us there were no hard feelings, and he could work with us no problem. Told hubby that it seemed that he was a smart business type of guy, and knew these situations always have their moments, but in the end, everyone comes up smelling like roses. Failed to look me in the eye and ask me what I though about our business arrangement. Probably a good thing... meeting might have gone a little South then. I think he knows that I'm the final say. Jarrett told me that he could go either way, and has hinted it might be better for us to pull out of the deal. So basically the final call is mine. SHEESH, no pressure at all right?

So we left it as me and hubby would consider it all over the next two days, and get back to him on Monday on our decision. Friendly handshakes all around, hope we can get back on track... blah blah blah. So here comes Monday, and that's actually a few hours from now. We talked, and decided we are firing him. That's right, "Take a hike Mike... don't look back Jack... give us a partial refund you ....." We'll have to sign a mutual release of course. Stipulation he addded was we can't build or buy anything around here for a year. So with with our cheque in our hand (finally), we'll run giddily to the bank like people who won the lottery. Now you may ask me what is my price for peace of mind. Well I'll spare you the actual numbers but say it wasn't loss of all invested, it wasn't even half, but it was enough for me to decide it was a wash, and totally worth getting some decent sleep and getting rid of these pesky stress headaches. Hopefully nothing new comes up: he likes to pull rabbits out of his hat, well out of somewhere anyways. But if all goes well, we'll sign the paperwork and be rid of this locust from our lives forever. I'd say wish us luck; but you know I've learned it ain't over til it's over; and luck has nothing to do with it!! So here's to unburdening ourselves, and being satisfied in knowing that some lessons don't come cheap, but they are well worth getting out of.


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon! I think you need some Springtime!

And about the house - I surely hope that you find some peace with it all soon. And I'm glad you are agreeing to part with this "Dink." you WILL sleep better. XOXO

Maria said...

One word for you: KARMA. I guarantee that karma will come back to bite him hard in the butt. And I hope that you are there to hear his girlish scream.

Ugh. Sickness, sucks. My seven year old and I both seem to have ear infections. Neither one of us can hear and it is like the Golden Girls around here. ("What? Speak UP!")

She has a doctor's appt at nine tomorrow. I am hoping to get a diagnosis too......

Get better soon. Spring is coming,in spiter of that damn ground hog.