Monday, February 26, 2007


It's a sad day when you have to boycott yet another Disney movie in your DVD library because of the content.

I had recently bought the girls "Brother Bear" to watch. My sister told me it was a great movie and that her kids enjoyed it. So I popped it in the other day, and the girls were delighted. I was not - so much. Why does Disney insist on putting words in their movie's like, "Stupid, Shut-up," "Dummy," and other things like that? Does it really make the movie that much better? Here I am folding socks, and I hear two mountain goats shouting "shut-up" to their echos. For us, having 4 and 3 year old telling each other to "shut-up" isn't something we encourage. How do you explain to them that just because you hear it; doesn't mean it's okay? This isn't the first time this has happened. I have so far boy-cotted Pocohontas (major violence), Hunchback of Notre Dame (more major violence), Pinocchio (kay kids smoking and drinking? nice), and other's I can't even think of.

Last week, Jarrett was following the kids up to bed, and Jenna starts to sing the old Spice Girls song, "If You Wanna Be My Lover". He almost passed out and fell down the stairs. We couldn't figure it out, where she even heard that song. OHHHHH that's right, it's on "Chicken Little." Why, oh why... would it be ok for kids to sing about how you won't have sex with someone unless they "get with your friends?" (By the way, that sounds like an endorsement for an orgy... lol). So we had to tell Jenna to please not sing that song. She asked us why, we told her we didn't like it too much. Think about it: you are sitting in church and your 4 year old starts to sing "If You Wanna Be My Lover." The priest would drop the wine all over the carpet, choir members would fall off the balcony in shock, crushing the congregation. Horrible incident - be on CNN for sure.

If you think about it; Disney has a long standing tradition of having cartoons that are shocking to parents (Bambi anyone?). Think of all the kids in the 70's that were traumatized when Bambi's mom was killed. It stands today tried and trued: Nemo's mom was eatten by a fish, Todd's mom was shot by hunters in Fox and the Hound, Cinderella's parents both kicked it and left her with the evil family, and of course Brother Bear, where everyone is either killed by a bear, or kills a bear. Whatever have you. Someone has to go. Don't get me wrong, I know death is a part of life and everything. Sometimes though it would be nice to let your kids watch movies that don't cause nightmares or long-winded explanations. I mean they can't watch Baby Einstein videos until they are sixteen!

So is there any children's movies out there you don't let your kids watch?


Tuesday Girl said...

I did not know that about brother bear.
I won't let them watch Snow White, Dumbo, Bambi or sleeping beauty.

Maria said...

I haven't had to boycott much mostly because Liv isn't into TV or movies much. I know, I the HELL did that happen?

We took her to see Little Miss Sunshine and everyone thought that was a big mistake...but I didn't much care.

We took her to see An Inconvenient Truth too.

But, she is seven....age changed everything.