Tuesday, February 13, 2007


UGH, I think now would be an excellent time to start drinking coffee. MamaLee are you there????? Pass it down the screen baby.

So last night I wake up to the familiar bark of Jenna again. If you are thinking, "Wait did that kid have croup about a month ago?" the answer is YES. So I get to bundle her up at midnight, get in my van (did I mention it was -26 outside). Notice I have no gas. So I go to the gas station, try three pumps before one will accept my debit card; freezing my digits off and other things that aren't nice to mention. Get in the van and then my ABS light comes on, and the little light that says, "Service Traction System." OK last Friday I took in my van for a routine oil change, tire rotation and some other things. When I left the lot the same thing happened, and they did a scan and said it was fine. Apparently it isn't, because all of a sudden I have absolutely no traction control in icy weather. LOVELY!!! But onwards I trudge to the new children's hospital.

Get there to find the pay station is buggered... so I go to the others and same thing. Finally I say screw it and just go into the ER. All the machines are frozen (doesn't that foretell that it's too cold to be outside?). Of course it's not even bsuy in there but does that mean we get in soon? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I sat there from 12:30 until 3:30 until we finally got to go back. Ever try sleeping in waiting room chairs? Not happening. I had to listen to Elle MacPhearson and Patrick Duffy talk about some pilates machine 3 times!!! Get back finally and they leave us there for another hour. Doctor comes in and says, "Yup croup" and leaves. Wow all those distinguished years of medical training... for that. They go and get Jenna the standard med, which she WON'T swallow. She holds it in her mouth like a chipmunk. After 5 minutes we finally had to hold her down and pinch her nose and make her drink it. Talk about bedside manner.

Got her bundled up again, it's now 5:00 am. I don't have command start on my van by the way. We bought it when we lived in Indiana and let's face it, they don't even have that there. When would you use it? Ohhhhh but you need it in Canada my friends!! So of course I can't figure my way back to the main road. Never been to the new Children's Hospital. After 10 minutes I figure it out, and slide (literally) back onto the main drag of the City. My traction control is still buggered in case you are wondering. It's a miracle I made it home. Thank God no one was really on the road. Got home at 5:30 and fell into bed: just as hubby turned off him alarm to go get ready for work. My mom is visiitng and had no clue I was even gone. My sad croaking from upstairs made her pity me, so she told me to go back to bed. Except my doorbell rang twice, as did the phone. Sleeping is futile in a house like mine. Therapists playing annoying Winnie the Pooh games with your child, the other two fighting... not happening. Don't feel too bad, I passed out on my couch for 2 hours later that afternoon.

Waited for the delivery guys with our stuff. Between noon and three really means 4:30ish by the way. They bring it in: only after they scraped the top of my leather couch, and forgot the coffee table at the warehouse. I call and complain, they are sending me a new couch on Wednesday, along with the missing table. Honestly *sigh* it just wasn't the day I had envisioned.


MamaLee said...

Passing the coffee to you NOW.

Honey, I SWEAR I didn't start drinking this stuff until I had kids. Moreso now that I have 3 busy, tiring, wonderful kids!

I hope today is a better day for you, hun! xoxo

Maria said...

Good hell....that was one "pee-butt" night (my family's slang for very bad).

And it is some kind of rule. If you don't have gas, there will be some big emergency where you have to drive somewhere fast.

I can relate to your car. Mine kept blinking SERVICE ENGINE SOON and no one could find a thing wrong with it...

ah...drink some coffee and tomorrow is another day!