Monday, February 05, 2007


Do you hear that? It's the sound of months of aggrivation coming to a steadfast halt!!! Take one good guess at the reason why I have the stupist looking smile on my face... you got it in one guess no doubt!! We signed the release from the contract this afternoon and from now until forever will NEVER have to deal with Peter the Builder from Hell again!!!! Hooray for me!! Hooray for humanity!!!

So we go pick up the cheque tomorrow. I was so happy I had to celebrate. I went to Linens N Things and bought ourselves a new bedding set. Very purty!!! We could use it to pay down the mortgage but we figure naw!!! We're going to use most of it to do some things for ourselves, get some new furniture and of course, the cous de gras - central air. Now don't ask me why, but the good folks in Calgary have this stupid notion that no one needs central air. I would like to say these people must have their cowboy hats on too tightly... because there have been plenty of days we could have benefited from one! Plus, my neighbors will be beyond delighted we are staying. I was surprised they didn't stage an intervention to make us stay.

Poor dh was a little sad to sign away on the house, but he knows it's for the best. I rationalize we can build this same house, or even a better one later down the line if we want to. It's not like this was the once in a lifetime opportunity or something. So barring this cheque doesn't bounce from here to Timbucktoo - we should have it floating around our bank account shortly.

Can I get an amen please?


Anonymous said...

Well, ahmen sistah!
And thanks for visiting...Nice to 'meet' you too...

Sounds like you had some bad luck there...but it seems to be picking up. Good for you.

Hope to hear more great news...

Maria said...

Well. I'm jealous. I want a new bedspead so bad. Ours is old and soft, but....I am sick of it.

And while I'm at it, I could use some new bedroom furniture too.

And lawn furniture.

And dishes.

Oh, God...this is getting depressing.

But...good for you. Glad you are staying put and happy.