Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Happy Valentine's Day to all!!! Hope you got to celebrate it with your sweetheart; whomever they may be!!

I was thinking about a comment a friend once said about how Valentine's Day is just a typical "Hallmark holiday." OK I will admit, Valentine's is severely commercialized. I mean, as soon as Christmas is over BAM out come the hearts and cupids and all that other lovey-dovey crap. I mean c'mon you guys, I'm still digesting the huge turkey I snarffled down a few weeks ago... now you want me to eat a 50 pound box of chocolates? Ummm okay; but only because it would be wrong not to.

The one that gets me is Sweetest Day. OK that is the biggest bunch of crap ever invented. Valentine's Day actually is symbolic and has historical meaning... I mean it's because of this Saint Valentine guy (FYI: No I will not get into the whole background of how VD came to be; not just because I don't know either... LOL I'm sure it's just boring fluff to add to my post). But Sweetest Day IS a true Hallmark contraption. I mean they have a couple of slow months - gotta stuff something in that slot between wedding season and Canadian Thanksgiving. So if you're asking, no I refuse to buy a card on that particular day. I told my hubby he only has to worry about February 14th.

But anyways... I must admit I do enjoy Valentine's Day. Yes I like the cards, and yes I like the flowers and whatever else get's thrown in my direction for the sake of the holiday. This is not to say my husband is only romantic on one day of the year. He's a great guy year round (disclaimer: he might be reading this!!). You can't really argue with a day dedicated to love. It's a good thing, and much more practical than "national elephant tusk day" or "armpit stain day." (I made those up - I hope!).

So in closing, give your sweetie an extra big hug today. It's okay to be a hypocrite that hates the commercialism of it; but enjoys the snuggles!!!


Maria said...

I don't mind Valentine's day. I do have a few gray hairs from my child's school valentine parties, though.

This time, her teacher asked that we all send a hand decorated shoe box with our child and a valentine for everyone in the class. We could also send treats, but she suggested that "homemade are best!"

Jeez Louise....I'd rather eat a hershey bar, ya know?

Em said...

Elle, so nice to 'meet' you. You left a comment on my blog today and that led me to your blog. And I really don't think I've come across your blog before. But what great posts! And it is always nice to get to know someone else who has a kid on 'the spectrum'...cause we'll have some stories that others just might not appreciate! LOL

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you got some great snuggles today.